Shopping ads powered by automatic bidding produced a 50% increase in return on ad spend,1 spotlighting Pinterest as a superb platform for incremental growth.

From Instagram baddies to babes on a budget, Missguided is all about empowering women through affordable fashion. Dropping more than 1,000 new styles each week, this digital-first business champions real women, drawing influence from street style, popular culture and social media.

Having already achieved robust levels of organic representation on Pinterest, Missguided was interested in extending its reach and increasing its acquisition rate across the platform. As the brand is focused on trend-led Gen Z and millennials, Pinterest was a great fit.

Having settled on two primary KPIs—return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per action (CPA)—Missguided launched their campaign.

Key results


return on ad spend2


lower cost per action3

Shop the trend
Missguided decided to orient their Pinterest marketing campaign around shopping ads, which would provide the flexibility to showcase the breadth of their catalogue. Crucially, Missguided made the switch from manual to automatic bidding, running automatic bids across prospecting and retargeting audiences.

Supporting their shopping ads with keyword targeting, which allowed them to reach Pinners at the exact moment when they were searching for an item, Missguided also made sure to tweak their campaign on a regular basis. This helped them respond to Pinner demand and learn more about what works on the Pinterest platform and what doesn’t.

“Switching our campaigns to run on auto-bid allowed us to scale our reach and drive significantly lower costs, the impact was almost immediate and we only saw performance grow with this.”

Megan Taylor,
Senior Paid Media Manager, Missguided

Dressed to kill
The campaign was a success and Missguided smashed their two campaign KPIs: CPAs were cut by over 25% month on month, while ROAS increased by 50%. Furthermore, shopping ads helped the online fashion retailer improve their conversion rate. Total checkout conversion volume rose by more than 55% and click-conversion revenue ballooned by 110%,4 spurring incremental growth.

Having built up a bank of learnings that they can use to tailor campaigns in the future, Missguided are excited about expanding into other markets and testing new features for their customers.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your shopping ads:

Remember that flat lays may not be the best tactic for Pinterest. Instead, try to take a more editorial approach.

Don’t be afraid of adjusting your campaign in the early stages to find out what works best for the Pinterest platform.

If you’re running shopping ads, play around with product groups to ensure that your campaign stays optimised and reactive to demand from Pinners.


Missguided data, 2020


Missguided data, 2020


Missguided data, 2020


Missguided data, 2020

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