Video ads achieve over 7m views within the first four weeks, enabling Clos19 to expand their reach in the UK and Germany.

Clos19 is all about helping you be the hostess with the mostest. Seriously. Inspired by the styles and attitudes of the 19th century—the heyday of hosting—Clos19 has a simple aim: to shape the art of hosting for future generations. And with an incredible selection of wines, spirits, champagne, and gifts, they’re already well on their way. In fact, the term “clos” actually refers to the walled vineyards where the vines with the best reputation were grown, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. Think of Clos19 as that walled vineyard, just jazzed up for the 21st century.

As the Christmas season approached, Clos19 wanted to produce a collaborative advertising campaign that focused on the benefits of unique gifts. After selecting view rate and reach as their key KPIs, the lifestyle brand set about finding the perfect host for their campaign. Since inspiration and crafting a unique style form such a large part of Pinterest’s appeal, Clos19 felt that the platform was ideal.

Key results


view rate1


views in less than four weeks2

Music to their ears
Getting the party started, Clos19 struck up a partnership with jazz-pop musician Jamie Cullum. They asked 19 participants to share a short message for a friend or loved one, which the singer-songwriter used to create 19 unique, personalised songs. Then, Clos19 produced a range of video ads featuring these songs, highlighting the brand’s unique gift offers for the festive season.

In the early stages of the campaign, Clos19 focused on a broad audience. Then, they narrowed down their approach by retargeting Pinners who had engaged with their first set of video ads. Helping to immerse prospective customers in the brand’s one-of-a-kind gifting experience, Clos19 also created a range of boards centred around gifting and hosting over the Christmas period.

“The power of Pinterest’s influence was stronger than we thought. It’s an extremely rewarding showcase for brands.”

Irache Martinez,
Marketing and Communication Director, Clos19

The sweet sound of success
When it comes to their performance on Pinterest, Clos19 is in high spirits. They managed to generate 7m views in just four weeks, reaching as many as 4m people across the UK and Germany. Plus, with a view rate of 56%, they blew their benchmarks out the water. Bottom line: Pinterest was a super-effective way for Clos19 to expand their reach and boost brand consideration and awareness among Pinners. We’ll drink to that!

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Don’t spread your campaign too thin. Rather than creating a whole bunch of assets, prioritise a couple to help optimise the algorithm.

At Pinterest, there’s one word we love more than anything else: inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. Making your campaign genuinely inspirational can help boost brand awareness and reach.

In the second phase of your campaign, retarget Pinners who engaged with your ads the first time around to maximise brand consideration and visibility.


Clos19 internal data, December 2019


Clos19 internal data, December 2019

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