The top trends for March 2019

Navy suit
Know when to fold ‘em

Good, old-fashioned spring cleaning (+43% YoY) is nothing new, but the spirit is especially alive and well this year. Folding clothes (+51% YoY) is the hot new hobby, along with tidying up (+438% YoY).

Not your grandmother’s

Searches for pearls are up 92% YoY, especially irregularly shaped baroque pearls, which have grown 104% YoY. Also making a comeback are classic signet rings (+15% YoY), ready to sign, seal and deliver old-school style.

That's a wrap

Wrap-dress outfits (+21% YoY) are getting a leg up on the season. They’re also making an appearance as people prepare for special occasions, along with shimmery satin dresses (+260% YoY).

Big blue

In the US, navy-blue prom dresses (+197% YoY) and navy-blue prom suits (+40% YoY) are riding a wave of popularity this month, and we'd expect to see more of it as graduation-ceremony planning kicks off across the globe this month. Deep-blue eyeshadow is also coming into the picture with searches up 218% YoY.

A little off the top

Spring is the time to trim the locks, and searches for modern shag haircuts (+14,000% YoY) are sky-rocketing. Also trending: Boho-chic messy bun hairstyles (+622% YoY).

Put these insights to work
  • Think of unconventional ways that your brand can play a role in graduation or prom looks this year. For example, pearl-adorned footwear, apparel or accessories that can make outfits pop.

  • The urge to refresh for spring goes beyond dusters and cleaning products. Tap into the clutter-be-gone mindset with ideas for themed cleaning playlists, brag-worthy storage solutions, breakfasts that provide the energy to tackle that closet, and celebratory ideas for when the housework is complete.


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– Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to CLASSY TERRAZZO



Trend increases are calculated from January ’18 to January ’19 using normalised global searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.