The top trends for June 2019

deviled eggs

Gate expectations

In home trends, Pinners are setting boundaries! Searches for iron gates to attractively secure the perimeter are up 37% year over year (YoY). Pet parents hoping to contain the chewing are driving queries for goat pen ideas (+211% YoY). Interest in how to make a balloon arch has blown up 48% YoY as people look to these festive garlands to mark passages and milestones at weddings, graduation parties and summer birthdays.

balloon arch

Take it on the road

Picnic and outdoor concert season has arrived, and people on Pinterest are looking for fun, delicious foods that travel. They’re buzzing about picnic centrepiece-worthy bee cake (+52% YoY), dishing about the quick and crunchy strawberry pretzel dessert (+81% YoY) and mixing a lot more than mayonnaise into that sensible standby, deviled eggs (+68% YoY).


bee cake

Singular style

In fashion, sometimes one is better than two, like with the trending monokini (538% YoY), a one-piece swimsuit with sassy cut-outs, one-shoulder tops (+28% YoY) that dare to bare and gold necklace sets (+1,147% YoY) combining two or more strands in one winning match-up. Searches for clear heels are also on the rise, up 38% YoY, for that walking-on-air look.

clear heels

The local edition

  • Australia: Aussies are beating the wrap this month, sending searches for eggroll in a bowl up 132% year over year.

  • Canada: Low-carb, low-calorie jicama fries (+147% YoY) are making stomachs rumble up north – and presumably being put to the test in poutine.

  • France: The French aren’t ready to say goodbye to winter – or the dragon queen – just yet. They’re driving searches for polar blonde hair colour up 49% YoY.

  • Germany: In-ground trampolines are all the rage in Germany, where searches are up 36% YoY, revealing the country’s plans to jump for joy on the low-down.

  • UK: Pinners are taking their coffee with a pop of colour this month in the UK, where searches for red velvet latte are up 35% YoY.

  • US: Americans don’t want to dress boring when its pouring. They’re looking for stylish, waterproof gear to complete their summer rainy day outfits, precipitating a 163% increase in searches YoY.

Rainy-day outfit

Put these insights to work

  • Deviled eggs have always been a summer fixture, but their familiarity doesn’t have to limit their potential. Think about ways to incorporate spices or snack items to liven things up. Or showcase them on custom platters to stir up excitement.

  • With summer events in full swing, creative Pinners want to try their hand at the latest trends. Use these fun and affordable garlands in your creative to bring attention and a splash of colour to whatever product you’re showcasing: food, party supplies, housewares, gifts and more.

  • People come to Pinterest looking for inspiration. In the US this month, they’re focused on making the most of summer, even in the rain. Whether you’re in apparel, footwear or cosmetics, try switching things up from the same old sunny weather photography.

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– Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to ART



Trend increases are calculated from April 2018 to April 2019 using normalised global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.