The top trends for January 2020

Dog in jumper
Start with a bang

If a fresh haircut can bring a fresh outlook, then people on Pinterest must be hoping the new year will be a real banger. They’re considering the shaggy-chic curtain fringe, sending searches up 305% year over year (YoY), lightening things up with bleached bangs (+658% YoY) and going for the feathery effect of wispy bangs (+107%).

Bleached bangs
Fringe benefits

January is a great time to tie up loose ends, so it’s no wonder Pinners are on a fringe binge. This unisex style trend is showing up as increased searches for fringed wool jacket (+500% YoY), black fringe jacket (+47% YoY) and fringe jacket 70s (+150% YoY).

fringe jacket
Creature comfort

As noted in the Pinterest 100, pet fashion is all the rage for 2020, with searches up 199% YoY. This month, jumper weather has northern-hemisphere Pinners sourcing warm layers for their four-legged friends, like fleece dog coat (+141% YoY), dog denim jacket (+30% YoY) and hairless cat jumper (+ 25% YoY).

dog jacket
Good fortune

With all those year-end financial statements arriving, people are taking stock of their financials. Searches are up and to the right for investing money (+295% YoY), budget meal planning (+196%), and zero-based budget (+61% YoY) that assigns a purpose to every penny of your income. Also popular: snowball method of paying off debt (+189% YoY), which advocates paying off small debts first to build momentum.

savings jars
The local edition

Australia: With summer party season in full swing, Australian Pinners are searching for shareable foods, like the ever-popular cob loaf dip recipes (+84% YoY) served in the hollowed-out, round bread.

Canada: The lug sole is gaining traction in Canada, with searches up +158% YoY.

France: In France, searches for easy homemade soap recipes have bubbled up 171% YoY.

Germany: Germans are playing it by ear this month, looking for ouch-free bling. Ear cuffs searches are up 134% YoY.

UK: Brow lamination, a new term and emerging trend, has risen globally, but especially in the UK.

US: Americans are fawning over deer antler crafts (+101% YoY), adding a rustic touch to DIY housewares.

Put these insights to work

Finance: With the festive season's sales behind them (and credit card bills arriving), Pinners want to spend and invest wisely. Be transparent about cost-per-wear value, and highlight options for prospective customers to try your product or service as a trial.

Pets: Humans are treating their four-legged friends like family. Are you in the pet services industry? Think about how you can appeal to pet parents by highlighting clothes and accessories with less environmental impact and more comfort.

Style: The straight-across lift in hairstyles with bangs will likely trigger demand for supporting accessories, such as styling products, hair clips and headbands.


– Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to BOOK LIST


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Trend increases are calculated from November 2018 to November 2019 using normalised global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.