The top trends for February 2020

Chocolate meltdown

Ain’t no sweeter way to take the chill off. Two big new trends this year are hot-chocolate 'charcuterie board' – a collection of cocoa-friendly sweets, spices and cream to customise your cup – and hot-chocolate recipes slow cooker for warming a crowd. Searches are also blowing up 4,607% year over year (YoY) for hot-chocolate bomb: Add hot milk to dissolve these hollow globes and free the mini marshmallows inside.

hot chocolate 'charcuterie board'
Quilling it

Feathers are taking flight across Pinterest boards this month, showing up in ink as searches for feather tattoo design for men (+388% YoY), in fashion as feather dress long (+304% YoY) and in interior design as ostrich feather décor (+66% YoY).

feather tattoo
Nooks and crannies

Dreaming about cosy corners? You’re in good company. Snuggery searches are up, including booknook (+189% YoY) and breakfast nook ideas small (+51% YoY). Smaller cubbies provide comfort too, as coffee nook ideas small spaces (+64% YoY).

breakfast nook
Aged beauties

For many Pinners, holiday planning starts with browsing through others’ travel photos. Right now, we’re seeing increasing interest in photogenic ancient cities: Alexandria, Egypt (+382% YoY), Thessaloniki, Greece (+433% YoY) and Naples, Italy photography (+252% YoY).

The local edition

Australia: Plane-ticket aesthetic (+124% YoY) is flying high down under, as people pose with and post their plane tickets – and even make phone cases out of them.

Canada: Canadians say that you don’t have to be Scandinavian to love Swedish meatball recipes (+353% YoY), the easy and economical Nordic comfort food.

France: French cravat enthusiasts are going old school this month, smartening up with bow tie tutorial (+109% YoY).

Germany: Do-it-yourself painted tiles (+240% YoY) are helping Germans to get crafty with their decorating.

UK: Taking a walk on the wild side in reptilian print, Brits are on the hunt for mock croc boots (+1,833%).

US: Americans are throwing their arms wide to embrace the return of the disco collar (+2,650% YoY).

Swedish meatballs
Put these insights to work:


  • In the events business? Think about ways to create nooks in your spaces – inviting spots for catching up or quiet places to get away for a moment.

  • Food and drinks businesses: Take a cue from the Pinterest 100 Home Hub theme and outfit your space with coffee stations. Nothing says comfort like hot drinks!

  • For those in home décor, think about using paint, dividers and even plants or other arrangements (ostrich feathers, anyone?) to designate prime nook space. 


– Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to PLINTHS


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Trend increases are calculated from December 2018 to December 2019 using normalised global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.