The top trends for April 2019

airstream camper
Avant-garde yard

This spring, Pinners are thinking about shaping up their outdoor living areas and spending more time outside. Searches for swimming-pool designs are way up, to the tune of +2,100% year over year (YoY). People are also planning their summer picnics (+23% YoY) and edible gardens (+44% YoY). Farm-style living is gaining popularity, including ideas for ‘Barndominiums’, modern barn homes (+700% YoY) and stylish chicken coops (+167% YoY).

Eat your vegetables

Celebrating the season’s fresh produce, recipes for strawberry bread (+69% YoY), avocado egg salad (+32%) and plant-based recipes for beginners (+85% YoY) are tempting palates this month.

Playing it cool

Preparing their closets for summer, women are looking for linen dresses (+543% YoY) to keep them cool and shell necklaces (+54% YoY) to bring that beachy vibe. Men are picking pockets, with searches for cargo pants up 14% YoY.

Get a move on

Summer is when people hit the road – and the airport. Escapist fantasies are fuelling searches for van camping (+192% YoY) and van life ideas (+44% YoY). Minimalists are also hoping to free themselves from excess baggage with helpful carry-on packing lists (+157% YoY).

Put these insights to work
  • How can you feature your food or beverage brand in a summer picnic campaign or creative picnic date idea? Pinners are especially interested in cultivating (and consuming!) edible gardens. Flavour your offers with this month’s trending tastes – strawberry and avocado – from food storage to recipes and more!

  • Summer music festival season kicks off in April. Create a campaign for festival-goers that takes them from day to night with light linen materials. Cargo pants are making a comeback, with ample pocket space helping to keep things hands-free. Not in the retail space? Think about how your app or service can help this audience make the most of the weekend.

  • With checked-bag fees on the rise, people on Pinterest are looking for creative ways to pack light. To reach Pinners looking to maximise carry-on space and minimise airport queues, think about campaigns that feature the extra mileage that they can get from your product using a number of use cases. Think gloss (a Pinterest 100 trend!), which packs a one-two punch, adding sparkle to both lips and lids, or illustrate all the ways that a jean jacket can be dressed up or down.

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– Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to INDOOR BRANCHES


Trend increases are calculated from February ’18 to February ’19 using normalised global searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.