Quick tips: Two steps to help you use the Pinterest Tag more effectively

Quick tips
Add Enhanced Match

Enhanced Match helps you more accurately match conversions on your site back to Pinterest users. It’s especially useful when a cookie isn’t present, and uses a privacy-safe email parameter.  

So far, partners who have implemented Enhanced Match have seen an average increase of 9% in conversion matches.1

Install the Pinterest Tag Helper

The Pinterest Tag Helper is a Google Chrome extension that helps you ensure that your Tag is properly set up. The extension verifies that both the Pinterest Tag and Enhanced Match are receiving the correct data and passing that information back to Pinterest so that you can more accurately report on your results.

With these two simple tips, you’ll be able to get a better look at what people are doing once they engage with your Pinterest ads, helping you to optimise your ad spend and create a better campaign experience for potential customers.

– Lisa Fong, saving to Japow

1Pinterest internal data, 2018

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