Quick tips: Sizing images for your Pins

Quick tips

Understanding aspect ratios

When you pick images for Pinterest, think vertical. Most of our formats are vertical, and taller than they are wide. In our creative best practices, we recommend that you use a 2:3 aspect ratio for all of your Pins.

'Aspect ratio' may sound complicated, but it’s just a way to talk about an image’s width, compared to its height. A 2:3 aspect ratio means that your image’s width is ⅔ its height.

For example, your Pin could be 1,000 pixels wide by 1,500 pixels tall. If your image falls outside this ratio, it could get truncated in people’s feeds and they won’t get to see your full Pin.

Here are some other image dimensions that represent a 2:3 aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio chart

Selecting the right images

When you’re shopping in the real world, visual cues like displays and signs guide you to the right merchandise. That’s what Pins do for people on Pinterest. They’re the visual cues that help people find the best ideas for them.

Make sure to use images that are visually compelling and will stand out in people’s feeds. Your Pin images should clearly highlight your brand or service, as well as give people context about what it is that you offer.

Stay away from abstract imagery or stock photography that doesn’t help tell a story about your specific brand.

Study up on specs and tips

Bookmark our product specs to make sure that you’re always using the right file sizes and types for different kinds of Pins.

Improve Pin performance with our full list of creative best practices.

– Lisa Fong, saving to Japow

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