Our highlights from CES 2019

Picture of Pinterest at CES
Our favourite picks from CES

During the week, we enjoyed hearing people’s thoughts on where marketing is headed in 2019, and beyond. Here are our top picks from the show:

  1. Advertising as a utility: 'We’re reinventing how we build our brand completely. We’re still doing TV, but we’re moving from a mass-blasting approach to a one-to-one precision approach that still has mass reach. When advertising becomes a useful engagement experience, it becomes a utility.' – Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G1
  2. Information for good: 'Probably the biggest trend is the amount of information that comes at people every day. The key is figuring out how to break through with content and material that is meaningful to people. – Karen Kahn, Chief Communications Officer, HP2
  3. Solutions as campaigns: 'Gone are the days of just measuring a campaign and moving onto the next. Now, it’s thinking through "How do we answer a business problem or challenge?" and "What does success look like for that specific challenge?"' – Mel Edwards, CEO, Wunderman Thompson3
  4. Purposeful innovation: 'I’ve seen a shift from innovation just for the sake of innovation to innovation that’s more purposeful. That’s pretty inspiring to me, personally.' – John Osborn, CEO, OMD4

Getting the chance to hear from so many industry leaders about the future of marketing at CES was truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to see how brands continue to evolve in the year ahead.

To see more ways that marketing is changing in 2019, check out this interview with our Global Head of Partnerships, Jon Kaplan. Curious about the Pinterest space at CES? Take a tour.

– Nicolette Harper, currently saving ideas to Tech I want


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