Measure what matters: redefining the effectiveness of in-feed video ads

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Define video ad viewability

Nearly 60% of advertisers are investing in digital video to build their brand or gain a competitive advantage while 40% of agencies are using it to tell brand stories.1 That’s according to IAB Europe’s Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising report. And while it makes sense to put ad spend where your audience is, video ads are only effective when they’re seen by real people.

Viewability is important—and not all impressions are created equal. That’s why the Media Rating Council (MRC) updated its Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standard last year.  The new guidelines state that for a video to be considered viewable, at least 50% of the ad content must be visible on the screen for at least two seconds and viewed by a real person. Plus, only viewable impressions should be counted to measure reach, frequency, and gross rating points (GRP) across media for video campaigns.

Measure the metrics that matter

At Pinterest, we take the viewability of ads and their potential impact on brand metrics very seriously. So does GroupM. Since 2014, the media investment company has championed the highest standards for the measured viewability of digital advertising to drive greater integrity and make the medium more effective and accountable for advertisers.

In September 2019, GroupM and Pinterest teamed up to better understand how mobile feed-based platforms compare in terms of viewability. GroupM analyzed 221 million video impressions across five brand campaigns in three verticals (beauty and personal care, food and drinks, luxury) from September 2019 to February 2020. Based on the MRC standard, video ads on Pinterest had a 3x better view rate compared to the average social media platform.2

Additionally, Pinterest’s Measurement team partnered with global research agency Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights solution to measure the effectiveness of video campaigns on the platform. After analyzing 42 campaigns across France, Spain, Germany and the UK, the results ranged from 54% to 99% with an average of 82%. This means that for more than 8 in 10 people reached by the campaign, 50% of the video was in view and played for at least two seconds at least once.

Reach the right people

As a marketer, doing more with less is more important than ever—and video ads on Pinterest may be your solution. Pinners are 53% more likely to purchase a brand or product after seeing a video on Pinterest compared to videos on other media platforms.3 This means you have the opportunity to put relevant content in front of an engaged audience, increase consideration and influence purchase decisions.

By unlocking the full potential of video ads on Pinterest, you’ll reach people where they are most attentive and action-oriented—and make the most of your ad spend to drive better business results. Ready to rethink Pinterest’s role in your media plan? Join our webinar on September 8th co-hosted with the Hub Institute and our partners GroupM and Unilever.

—Adrien Boyer


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