100 trend predictions for 2018

Pinterest 100
Put the trends to work

The Pinterest 100 can help you find new ways to connect with your audience. Knowing what’s next for your customers gives you an advantage as you plan things like marketing, product development and merchandising.

This year, it’s easier than ever to take action on the list. Our expanded interest targeting can help you reach people as they search for more information about their favourite trends. We’ve even developed targeting recommendations for every single trend so you have the right keywords right at your fingertips.

Here are some other ways to use the trends:

  • Product: Meet emerging needs before your competitors do. Michaels Stores created a Make It Kit to help people try 2017’s shibori cloth trend.
  • Content: Work the trends into your Pins and other digital content. When HP learned that printable artwork was trending on Pinterest, they saw a natural fit and made Pins with free, printable art. You can even tap into trends from other categories for photoshoot backgrounds, campaign themes, etc.
  • In-store: Update your in-store décor, displays and signs to reflect 2018’s hottest topics. CB2 used in-store signage to teach customers about one of 2017’s Pinterest 100 picks.


1. Snap peas, +273% saves | Targetable interests: Snacks, superfoods, nutritional recipes

2. Moroccan food, +2,579% saves | Targetable interestsMoroccan recipes, African recipes

3. Healthy coffee, +218% saves | Targetable interests: Healthy drinks, superfoods, coffee, healthy breakfasts, vegan smoothies

4. Plant proteins, +417% saves | Targetable interestsSuperfoods, vegan snacks, vegan baking, vegan energy bars, vegetarian food, vegetarian meal, tofu

5. Air fryers, +1,809% saves | Targetable interests: Healthy recipes, party food ideas, low-calorie recipes, kitchens, kitchen appliances

6. Cleaner cocktails, +160% searches | Targetable interestsNon-alcoholic drinks, infused-water recipes, cocktails

7. Souping, +306% saves | Targetable interests: Juicing, juice cleanse, natural juice, healthy soup recipes, vegan soup, detox soup, healthy drinks, nutritional recipes, low-calorie soup

8. Ghee, +155% saves | Targetable interestsClean eating, low carb, nutritional recipes

9. Korean condiments, +222% saves | Targetable interestsKorean recipes

10. Vegan desserts, +329% saves | Targetable interestsVegan desserts, vegan baking


11. Travel journals, +169% saves | Targetable interests: Travel scrapbook

12. Deserts, +125% saves | Targetable interests: Safari, adventure travel, outdoor travel, Dubai, Dubai destinations, Morocco destinations, Turkey destinations

13. Mexico City, +96% saves | Targetable interests: Mexico city, Mexico destinations

14. Street art, +79% saves | Targetable interests: Street art, murals street art, installation street art, tag street art

15. 24-hour trips, +134% saves | Targetable interests: Work to travel, weekend getaways, day trips

16. Mediterranean travel, +96% saves | Targetable interests: Romantic getaways, summer holidays, Croatia destinations, Greece destinations, Santorini, Mykonos

17. Climbing, +82% saves | Targetable interests: Rock-climbing

18. Historical travel, +92% saves | Targetable interests: Cultural trips, family destinations

19. River cruises, +346% saves | Targetable interests: Cruises

20. Living like a local, +146% saves | Targetable interests: Cultural trips


21. Sage, +170% saves | Targetable interests: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms

22. Resort-inspired décor, +269% saves | Targetable interests: Resort interior, spa accessories, bathrooms

23. Terrazzo, 316% saves | Targetable interests: Home accents, wallpapers, wall décor, bedspreads, bed linens

24. Large-scale wall art, +637% saves | Targetable interests: Minimalist apartment, decoration, wall décor

25. Bone inlay, +207% saves | Targetable interests: Furniture, vintage interiors, modern decoration, modern interiors, contemporary interior

26. Herringbone tiling, +131% saves | Targetable interests: Wall tiles, wood walls

27. Colourful doors, saves +121% | Targetable interests: Doors, slab doors, wooden doors, front door wreaths

28. Mixed metals, +423% saves | Targetable interests: Modern decoration, eclectic décor, remodels, home accents

29. Statement ceilings, +310% saves | Targetable interests: Wallpapers, modern decoration, contemporary interior, ceiling lamps

30. Patterned plants, +533% saves | Targetable interests: Planters, plant stands, potted plants, green plants

Children and parenting

31. Wooden toys, +173% saves | Targetable interests: Baby toys, crochet toys

32. Eco-friendly clothing, +750% saves | Targetable interests: Baby gear, nappy change, baby changing tables

33. Teething necklaces, +146% saves | Targetable interests: Newborn care, baby feeding, baby toys, baby and toddler products

34. Mature nurseries, +85% saves | Targetable interests: nursery

35. Wall decals, +219% saves | Targetable interests: Nursery, baby furniture, wall décor

36. Weighted blankets, +259% saves | Targetable interests: Baby gear, childcare, baby furniture, nursery

37. Pre-baby prep, +207% saves | Targetable interests: Mum advice, new parent advice 

38. Baby trackers. +58% saves | Targetable interests: Children health, toddler development, toddler milestones, child nutrition

39. Pom pom décor, +444% saves | Targetable interests: Wall rugs, nursery

40. Forts, +108% saves | Targetable interests: Child development, play school activities, DIY for children

Women's style

41. Structured earrings, +947% saves | Targetable interests: Hoop earrings, bronze jewellery

42. Wide-leg pants, +213% saves | Targetable interests: Wide pants, rompers, pants

43. Berets, +269% saves | Targetable interests: Hats, women’s hats

44. Embellished shoes, +222% saves | Targetable interests: Women’s shoes, oxford shoes, dress shoes, runway shoes, pump shoes, flat shoes

45. Logos, +203% saves | Targetable interests: Street styles, women’s styles and trends, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie, sporty fashion, street outfit

46. Sheer socks, +72% saves | Targetable interests: Boot socks, women’s accessories

47. Side slits, +147% saves | Targetable interests: Slit dress, tunics, women’s tunic dresses, midi skirts, women’s midi dresses

48. Long layers, +102% saves | Targetable interests: Knits, jackets, women’s jacket dresses, kimonos, women’s kimonos, coats, trench coats, women’s coats

49. 100% cotton denim, +115% saves | Targetable interests: Denim jackets, denim skirts, women’s denim outfits, denim shorts, jeans, skinny jeans, women’s jeans

50. Lucite & patent leather, +110% saves | Targetable interests: Plastic jewellery, women’s accessories

Men's style

51. Monochrome, +289% saves | Targetable interests: Men’s outfits by colour

52. Commuter bags, +146% searches | Targetable interests: Men’s bags, men’s backpack

53. Modern workwear, +160% searches | Targetable interests: Men’s coats and jackets, men’s denim jackets, men’s leather jackets, men’s autumn outfits, American casual

54. DIY tailoring, +340% saves | Targetable interests: 80s men's fashion

55. Statement accessories, +201% searches | Targetable interests: Men accessories

56. Logos, +241% searches | Targetable interests: Men styles, men’s t-shirts, hoodies, street style men, American casual

57. Flex pants, +242% searches | Targetable interests: Men’s jogger pants, smart casual, trousers, urban style, business casual men

58. Microprints, +476% searches | Targetable interests: Men’s outfits by pattern, men styles

59. Manicured beards, +200% searches | Targetable interests: Beard styles

60. Oversized outerwear, +216% searches | Targetable interests: Men’s coats and jackets

Health and wellness

61. Strength over size, +415% saves | Targetable interests: Muscular strength fitness

62. The post-workout, +105% saves | Targetable interests: Workout plans, stretching, reflexology, acupuncture, flexibility fitness

63. Hair health, +219% saves | Targetable interests: Hair products, shampoos, natural care for hair, DIY haircare, hair oil, hair mask treatment

64. Yoga wheel, +72% saves | Targetable interests: Stretching, hot yoga, desk yoga

65. Air purification, +270% saves | Targetable interests: Air freshener

66. Gut health, +251% saves | Targetable interests: Healthy drinks, natural remedies, diet supplements

67. Self-care retreats, +537% saves | Targetable interests: Meditation, brain-training, hot yoga, desk yoga, aromatherapy, sleep rituals

68. Tai Chi, +189% saves | Targetable interests: Fitness and exercise, Taekwando, Judo

69. Edible essential oils, +689% saves | Targetable interests: Natural remedies, homeopathy, superfoods, herb diet, diet supplements, natural herbs

70. Vitamin C serum, +3,379% saves | Targetable interests: Serum


71. Bright eyes, +63% searches | Targetable interests: Eye make-up, eyeshadows, eyeliner, eye palette

72. Hair extremes, +130% searches | Targetable interests: Haircuts, short haircuts, short hairstyle, pixie cuts, long hairstyle, styles for long hair, short thick hair, very short hair, pixie cut hairstyles, super-long hair

73. Lip tints, +414% searches | Targetable interests: Matte lipsticks, lip stains, lip make-up

74. Bold hair textures, +166% searches | Targetable interests: Curls, curly hairstyles, natural curly hair, short curly hair, finger waves, beach waves, short wavy hair, permed hairstyle, straight hair

75. Make-up for all complexions, +378% searches | Targetable interests: natural make-up, foundation, concealer, tinted moisturiser

76. Make-up kits, +147% searches | Targetable interests: Make-up palette, make-up organisation, eye palette, lip palette, foundation sets, lip sets

77. Facial rollers, +345% searches | Targetable interests: Scrubs, exfoliators, dry skin skincare, body scrubs, body exfoliants, body buffing brush

78. Lashes, +152% searches | Targetable interests: Eyelashes, eyelashes make-up, eyelash curler

79. Cleansing oils, +555% searches | Targetable interests: Nail oil, hair oil, essential oils, body oils, cleanser

80. Geometric manicures, +83% searches | Targetable interests: Nail care, nail designs, nail art, nude nails, autumn nails, winter nails, spring nails


81. Milestone birthdays, +154% saves | Targetable interests: 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 16th birthday, birthday

82. Filled balloons, +86% saves | Targetable interests: Balloon decorations

83. Trivia night, +279% saves | Targetable interests: DIY party decorations, party snacks

84. Sip & see parties, +218% saves | Targetable interests: Birth celebration

85. Sprinkle baby showers, +180% saves | Targetable interests: Baby shower ideas, baby shower foods

86. Season mixing, +116% saves | Targetable interests: Christmas, Halloween, New Years, Easter

87. Unique keepsake guest books, +216% saves | Targetable interests: Scrapbooking, photo books

88. Birthday shirts, +250% saves | Targetable interests: Birthday

89. Event experiences, +114% saves | Targetable interests: Bachelorette party ideas, party snacks, party invitations, party desserts, sleepover party

90. Boho baby showers, +306% saves | Targetable interests: Baby shower ideas

Hobbies and interests

91. Garage workshop, +218% searches | Targetable interests: Craft storage

92. Home gaming setup, +302% saves | Targetable interests: Gaming, platform games, adventure game, larp, sports games

93. Paracord projects, +275% saves | Targetable interests: Macrame, paracord

94. Living in the moment, +464% saves | Targetable interests: Positive quotes, inspirational quotes

95. Giant knitting, +200% saves | Targetable interests: Knitted blankets, crochet and knitting

96. Horizontal fences, +333% searches | Targetable interests: Fencing, wood fences

97. DIY jewellery & displays, +280% saves | Targetable interests: Jewellery-making, wire jewellery, beaded jewellery, DIY jewellery, handmade jewellery

98. Stock tank pools, +300% searches | Targetable interests: Swimming pools

99. Camper remodels, +933% saves | Targetable interests: Camper, camper van, RV, truck camper, VW camper, pop-up camper RV

100. Finger tattoos, +252% saves | Targetable interests: Small tattoos

For the full list of all the trends, check out the 2018 Pinterest 100 board and download a PDF of the complete report with additional insights and metrics. 

– Eric Wahlgren, saving ideas to te quiero mexico

1Trends based on global searches and saves. Every topic has at least 250,000+ saves. Excludes seasonal spikes.