Creative strategies for beauty brand marketing

People come to Pinterest for ideas to change their look, with over 1.1 billion Hair and beauty ideas saved by 30 million people. These Pinners are making their dream looks a reality – 51% say they’ve used Pinterest to make a beauty-related purchase decision. 

We had a look at the best performing Hair and beauty Pins to come up with these top tips.

Hair and beauty Pins
Hair and beauty Pinners

Show how to use your product

People on Pinterest want to see how beauty products look on real people before they buy. Beauty Pins that show products in real-life settings have 50% higher click-through rates on average, and Pins focused on people see 21% higher click-through rates.

Add a tutorial to make your Pin even more useful and save-worthy. Beauty Pins with step-by-step instructions have seen up to 78% higher save rates.

Highlight your brand

Including your brand in your Pin image makes it easier for people to remember your product, and it adds credibility to the idea you’re sharing with the audience. Plus, Beauty Pins with branded product placement have seen as much as 21% higher save rates!

39% higher click rates and 30% higher save rates

Pinterest internal data 2015, 2016