5 tips to guide your holiday content

At Pinterest, we have a single mission: To bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We’re passionate that all content on our platform should do exactly that. But how exactly do you create Pins that inspire? We posed this question to a team of academics and researchers, who came up with a new content framework for succeeding on Pinterest.

This framework is called the Five Dimensions of Inspiration. Think of it like a creative sandbox to help you develop standout content for Pinterest.

Introducing the five dimensions of inspiration

These five dimensions complement our existing best practices to help you craft content that inspires and performs. As a rule of thumb, your Pins should include at least two of the five dimensions, and should always remain authentic to your brand voice.

As we look forward to the holidays, it’s clear that we’ve all been handed a blank slate. How we celebrate will be unique this year, and people are looking to brands to help them make the most of the changing holiday climate. Leverage the following five attributes to make your creative shine and bring your ads to life.

Visually appealing

Design with compelling imagery, playful graphics and subtle branding.

  • Make the products the hero

  • Bleed your image beyond the Pin boundaries

  • Rotate a Pin vertically to add depth and perspective


Inspire a new, unique or different take on something familiar

  • Stay true to your brand’s voice

  • Get creative with targeting

  • Go monochromatic


Help Pinners dream about who they want to be and what they want to create

  • Focus on the solution, not the problem

  • Relate to a diverse audience

  • Play with space and texture


Build for context by leveraging everyday interests and moments that matter, while also considering a diverse audience.

  • Link carousel Pins together to lead users to customized boards

  • Reflects multiple tastes, expertise and dietary restrictions

  • Previous answers lead to targeted recipe ideas


Make Pins people will love to save. The best Pins inspire people to try new ideas and give them the confidence to bring that inspiration to life—either right now or later on.

  • Clearly indicate the desired call-to-action

  • Create an interactive experience

  • Save the Pin now, try it anytime

Pinterest remains a blank, untapped canvas for creatives and brands. Use these five dimensions to create engaging content that bridges ideas to action, and inspire Pinners to make this holiday season their best one yet.