Store decor

Colorful collage of angular store fronts in pink, black, amber and red tones. Wall of glasses in yellow picture frames in back. Rounded and angular vases at right. Pink candles, glass water bottle and pink rose at the left. Collection of dark blue, light blue, and white circles at the left.

A new way to set up shop

As more people start their own brick-and-mortar and online shops this year, they’ll turn to Pinterest to plan their layouts, shopfronts and signage. Millennials, Gen X and Boomers are driving this entrepreneurial design trend.

Bust of a bald woman on the left, on green grass under a gray arch. Neon blue, green and pink patterns in the background. A shopping counter in the foreground with a green shopping bag on top.

Collage of green, brown, yellow and white items. Green leaves flowing down from a ceiling at center, interwoven with pink and yellow flowers. Underneath a white staircase at right. Two wooden chairs and a round table on an outdoor deck in the foreground.

Creator spotlight

Meet Elle Mitchell and Arabela Espinoza, the creative duo behind Weekend Creative. Together, they help small biz newcomers develop a one-of-a-kind look that stands out from the pack. Follow Weekend Creative to see what up-and-coming entrepreneurs will flock to in 2022.

“So many of our followers started brainstorming businesses last year. And now it’s time for them to stand out. We want fellow creators to feel confident in their unique brand aesthetic, from at-home photoshoots to can’t-miss-it shop fronts.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a finance brand...

Help people make their dream business a reality. Share video ad tutorials on financial tips and credit cards to get their shopfront up and running.

If you’re a home brand...

Show off your hardware. As they build out their business, use collections ads to help people choose everything from paint to cabinets to desks.

If you’re an auto brand...

Use trends to help make it easier for people to build their own business—like plenty of trunk space to transport precious cargo or quiet cabins perfect for business calls.

Pinterest search term result for mobile business ideas. Couple looking out the counter in their foodtruck. Greyhound being dried up with an orange towel. Pink mobile food cart selling pastries. Pin featuring a white woman jumping in front of a light blue vintage truck. Text reads, take business on the road. Browse used cars. Description reads, find used cars to start your business.

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