Rebel cuts

Collage of hairstyles and styling items. White woman with blonde hair and buzz cut. Hand mirror showing reflection of white person with bright red hair. Back of head dyed with a leopard print pattern. Black woman with shaved head. Combs and shears.

The pandemic breakup hair is real, people

Soft layers and timid trims, be gone. In 2022, hard-to-miss hair—from mullets to octopus hair to bob cut wigs—will be the most-requested styles at the salon by Gen Z.

East Asian woman holding a large dark pink hair dryer. Black woman in the background in a purple wig and neon green long-sleeved top.

White man on the left with a dark blonde mullet and a goatee. White woman with dark hair on the right wearing a beige trench coat. Large pink mirror in the back against an orange backdrop.

Creator spotlight

Peigy Theodore takes cut and color to new—cropped—lengths. This lifestyle creator shares her signature short hair, new dye colors and favorite products with a growing community of beauty lovers. Follow Peigy and get inspired to do your own rebel cut this year.

“My hair makes a statement. I want my audience to have fun with their hairstyles, too. My shaved hair tutorials inspire people to try something other than long layers, like pink undercuts or mint green hues.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a beauty brand...

Use collections ads to lean into trending hairstyles and provide people with products to keep their new cuts looking salon-fresh every day.

If you’re a fashion brand...

Help people choose the perfect outfit to pair with their rebellious 'do. Think bold colors, leather or an asymmetrical hem.

If you’re a home brand...

Hello, at-home styling stations. Inspire people to create a salon-like oasis in their homes where they can style their bold look.

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