Ancestral eats

Colorful collage of meals. Dumplings on a brown plate with chopsticks, maki sushi roll, spaghetti rolled on a fork and on a plate, platter of oils and spices and large blue bowl of chicken and vegetable soup.

Somebody’s grandparent’s recipe

Simmer down, experimental chefs—we’re going back to the basics. This year, Gen X and Boomers will say goodbye to over-the-top eating experiences and embrace their roots (or somebody else’s!). Gather ‘round the table for traditional dishes from all over the globe. It’s the oral history we need in 2022.

Collage of aerial views of middle-eastern food. Bowl with falafel patties, cucumber and tomato slides, onions and basil with a smaller bowl of sauce on the left. Bowl at right with pita bread, salad and hummus. Bowl at top with a tomato and corn stew.

Collage of aerial views of Filipino dishes on a leafy backdrop. On the right, fish and vegetables on a dark blue plate. At top, brown bowl with shrimp soup. On the left, pink bowl with fried egg and onion.

Creator spotlight

Some meals are meant to be delicate. Others are meant to warm your soul. Food creator and photographer Waseem Hijazi brings all the cozy feels with simple, easy vegan dishes. Follow Waseem for global-inspired recipes like zaatar tortillas, lentil pasta and homemade hummus.

“I could write a love letter to the humble stews and comfort foods of the world. This year I’m craving traditional recipes rooted in heritage. Bring on all the Turkish coffee cake and mango chips, please.”

Local spotlight

Ancestral eats in Canada

One country where Ancestral eats will spike in 2022 is Canada. Drawing from the diverse cultures of its citizens, Canadians will turn to traditional staples from around the globe. Searches for authentic Greek recipes and traditional Scottish foods will rise in this region in the year ahead.

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Help people replace the modern meal with global cuisine. Inspire them to turn a basic chicken dinner into a South African or Filipino delicacy with specific spices and ingredients.

If you’re a retail brand...

Offer traditional kitchenware and appliances to help people cook up heritage recipes, such as clay pots and samovars.

If you’re a travel brand...

Lean into unique culinary experiences from around the globe and offer foodie travelers destination-specific food itineraries to take their taste buds on vacation.

Pinterest search term for noodle recipes. Top view of an orange plate with rice noodles and beef on top. Blue bowl with plain noodles topped with sprouts and a mint leaf. Bowl of noodle soup with bok choy leaves and a pair of chopsticks. Pin showcasing smiling east asian woman holding bags of red peppers. Text reads, trade takeout for travel. Explore culinary travel tours. Description reads, take a trip to explore global cuisine where it originated.

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