An effective video campaign saw product awareness soar by 25%1 and purchase intent by 23%.2

A titan of the technology industry, Samsung is offering its customers all the comfort and intelligence that comes with innovation, all from a single platform. Its high-tech, customer-focused products are revolutionising the way we live to provide us with even more independence and freedom.

When it came time to launch its new washing machine, Samsung took advantage of Pinterest’s strategic video formats to achieve more awareness and boost sales.

Key results


increase in awareness1


increase in purchase intent among target audiences2


The campaign was rolled out in two main phases. The first phase made use of sponsored max-width video Pins (which are four times larger than standard Pins). This allowed the brand to reach a relevant target audience based on search topics like interior decorating and therefore increase product awareness.

The second phase focused on the roll-out of four videos in standard format, each one 10 seconds in length, with the objective of driving qualified traffic to the website.

The brand saw a jump in its product awareness (+25%) and purchase intent (+23%).

Videos enabled a more creative spin on the strategy while targeting an audience with a clear intent to purchase. Samsung achieved an impressive average view rate of 40.1%3 and a completion rate of 100%. Outstanding results.4

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Combining retargeting with acquisition strategies allows you to more easily influence your target audience to take another key step in the conversion funnel.

Pinterest’s short, creative formats are powerful tools for capturing and holding your target audience’s attention. With view rates that are, on average, much higher than on other platforms, it can also be worthwhile combining them with longer format videos.