Video Pins delivered +134% engagement rates versus Pinterest’s performance benchmarks, boosting product awareness of Cadbury’s new milkshake mix.

Think about that classic Cadbury Dairy Milk taste—sweet, creamy and nostalgic. Now, imagine how good it would be if you could drink it. That’s the idea behind Choc’Shake, an indulgent new milkshake mix made by Cadbury. For anyone who ever thought, “Dairy Milk is good, but it might taste a little bit better if I could sip it through a straw,” Choc’Shake is sure to be a smash hit.

Cadbury were hungry for success and wanted to drive awareness of their new product. So, which platform was the right option? Pinterest passed the taste test with flying colours. Food and drink are some of the most popular categories on the platform, while Pinners tend to be very receptive to new products, making Pinterest a stellar choice for the campaign.

Key results


completion rates vs. Pinterest benchmarks1


engagement rates vs. Pinterest benchmarks1

Winning over Pinners with sweet nostalgia
Video Pins were the centrepiece of Cadbury’s campaign to boost engagement and awareness. First step? Whip up some eye-catching creative.

Working alongside the creative agency VCCP, Cadbury produced a vibrant video Pin that was primed to boost product awareness of Choc’Shake. The video Pin paired Cadbury’s iconic purple branding with emotional cues linked to the nostalgia associated with traditional milkshakes, giving Cadbury everything they needed to take a big bite out of their target audience.

The video Pin demonstrated just how simple it was to prepare the new milkshake mix. In addition, Cadbury made sure that the film was the perfect length for the platform, helping to capture the attention of Pinners without testing their patience when scrolling down their feed.

“We chose Pinterest as a platform due to its affinity with our target audience—families. Through eye-catching creative, we hoped to introduce our delicious milkshake mix to a wider family audience than the current powdered offer on the shelf."

Lorena Moyano,
Brand Manager, Hot Choc & Refreshing Beverages

Smashing benchmarks
Cadbury’s Pinterest campaign was choc-full of success. Not only did their video Pin reach +64% completion rates compared to Pinterest’s benchmarks, but the video’s engagement rate ended up being 134% higher than the platform’s performance benchmarks.

Bottom line: dazzling creative can make Pinterest a super-effective platform for launching a new product and achieving high rates of engagement.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

If you’re producing creative content, remember one thing: make it relevant and entertaining for your target audience.

It’s important that Pinners recognise the source of any video Pins they encounter organically. Ensure your video Pins have plenty of branded elements to drive awareness.

Set a high bar for engagement by making your video Pins an optimal length for the platform. For Pinterest, that’s around 6-15 seconds.