Limitless luxe

Colorful collage of household items in golden hues. Hanging lamps in different sizes in the center, large iron and vintage car front on the right, washing machine and dryer on the left under a large wrench in a sink. Large leaf tendrils above the wrench.

Bring luxury into the least-expected corners of your home

It’s nothing new to want a little luxe in your life, but how about the laundry room? And the luxury basement? In 2022, people will give luxurious makeovers to their home’s nooks and crannies. For Millennials and Gen X, forgotten spaces will become conversation starters when you have guests over.

Collage of modern laundry room items: wicker laundry baskets, a black and gold tiled wall with square golden sink, a rounded mirror angling out from behind an orange wall.

Collage of game room items. Roman bust in gold, deep red office chair, orange pool table with racked billiard balls, neon speakers and a vintage light purple car against a gold brick wall.

Creator spotlight

If there’s a science to luxury, then Nicole Rosenberg knows the secret formula. This interior designer shares her bespoke design skills that can completely transform a space. And, hint: It’s not that intimidating. Follow Nicole to learn how to take any room and luxe it up.

“Anyone can make the main bedroom look glamorous. But I’m an expert at making the 'forgotten' rooms like basements and laundry rooms look stylish. It’s all about organization. And plants. Lots of plants.”

Local spotlight

Limitless luxe in Australia

Forgotten rooms no more! One market that’s sure to go all-out on Limitless luxe is Australia. The Aussie take on this trend will be one to watch as they will focus on elevating unloved spaces within the home (though let’s not forget the gym). Searches for luxury powder room and luxury closet designs will be on the up and up for this upcoming year.

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a home brand...

Luxe doesn't need to mean an entire overhaul. Find ways to add luxury touches to spaces that don't break the bank, such as light dimmers, textured wallpaper and scented soaps.

If you’re a tech brand...

Think home theaters and gaming rooms. Suggest out-of-the-ordinary items from your product portfolio that complement their luxe new setup.

If you’re a restaurant brand...

Show people how to put a luxury twist on takeout. Pair fast food with fancy cocktails or serve pizza on fine china.

Pinterest search term for luxury laundry room. Well organized closet with gray color palette and stacked gray washer and dryer. Front loading black washing machine. Marble countertop with marble sink and gold faucet. Pin showcasing laundry room with organized mahogany shelves and stacked gray washer and dryer. Text reads from blasé to beautiful. Transform your laundry room. Description reads give your laundry room a makeover.

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