Kidding around

Collage of playful items. At left, wooden airplane and a white woman on a swing. A toy T-Rex with a watermelon floater, a white hand in a blue sleeve reaching for it with a paintbrush. In the center, a white woman painting on the floor. On the upper right, an older white woman laughing. On the lower right, a Black man jumping over a pair of scissors.

Bring your inner child out to play

Who says kids have all the fun? This year, Gen X and Boomers will be all over playful pastimes like indoor swings, useful crafts and fairy bedroom ideas. Because crafts and toys keep the big kids young at heart.

Woman in pink on a hanging chair swing on the left, kicking up a leg. Woman on the right is in a green top and white shorts on a wooden swing with green handles. Blue sky in the background, bright green grass at the bottom.

Collage of crafting. Black hand holding a white-tipped paint brush on the left. White woman in a peach outfit weaving a tapestry. White hands wipe the edge of a brown vase on a gray pottery wheel.

Creator spotlight

Adulting is hard. That’s why creator Amanda Kingloff says to give yourself a break—or perhaps a recess. This author and stylist shares out-of-the-box crafts that are equal parts chic and child-friendly. Follow Amanda for a daily reminder on the importance of play.

“When’s the last time you jumped in a bouncy house? This year, I see our inner children coming out to play with arts and crafts and, of course, the occasional fairy-themed party.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a hobbies brand...

Adults just want to have fun! Lean into childhood favorites to encourage summer camp revivals, craft-making parties or video game marathons.

If you’re an entertainment brand...

Get people excited about action and adventure flicks coming soon, like remakes or long-awaited sequels. Action figures aren’t just for kids.

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Who doesn't love hot chocolate or school-day snacks? Give people permission to act like a kid and take a grown-up twist on childhood favorites.

Pinterest search results for kid food for adults. Peanut butter and jelly jars, tops, knife with jelly on it. Bowl of oatmeal with raisin eyes. Apple-slice nose and mouth. Plate of pancakes, syrup pouring onto them. Pin of frosted toaster pastries with sprinkles with a pink border. Text reads adult-approved treats, recreate childhood memories. Description reads find recipes that tap into your inner child.

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