Check yourself

Collage of checkered items. Large cellphone case, piece of green and white cake on a platter, cookies, a vase, walls. East Asian woman with short red hair in checkered tank top applies red lip liner.

All checkered everything

Check, please. Checkers are having their moment in all areas of people’s lives—from nails and rugs to funky flooring. As men upgrade their wardrobes, they’ll embrace the tiled pattern, too. Millennials and Boomers in particular are driving this checkered trend.

Black man with short hair in a checkered V-neck sweater looks at the camera. White table with a thin green vase on top. Rainbow helium balloon in the background.

Black woman’s hand with black and white checkered nails, index finger raised in a number one, arm in long-sleeved green and white checkered shirt. Black and white checkered wallet. Man in checkered suit with black collar.

Creator spotlight

Meet Lisa Fine. She spends her days in the studio with husband Michael Fine designing bath accessories that focus on slow, intentional living. Follow Lisa if you’re in the mood for out-of-the-box ways to play with color and texture.

“My design style is all about having fun in your home. This year, I want to do that with checkered anything and everything. I’m adding the playful pattern to my home with a rug in my closet and checkered tile in my kitchen.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a tech brand...

Be there or be square. Serve up checkered-style digital phone background or phone cases with checkered patterns to help them update their tech accessories in style.

If you’re a beauty brand...

Checkerboard nails are officially everywhere. Serve up tutorial ideas for checked manicures featuring different shapes and colors. And for those not as skilled with a brush, offer up stick-on styles for easy application.

If you’re a home or textiles brand...

Oversized checkers are the name of the game. Use carousel ads to promote blankets, rugs or beddings with larger-than-life checkered patterns for an exaggerated aesthetic.

Pinterest search results for checkered desserts. Pink and yellow cake, brown and yellow cake, checkered brown shortbread cookies next to a cup of milk with a spoon in it. Pin of a blue plate with two pieces of checkered brown and yellow cake. Text reads vegan checkered marble cake, check out the recipe. Description reads dairy-free marble yellow cake recipe.

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