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Pinterest TV is a livestreaming platform that fuels incredible growth for creators. You're in the spotlight, and your livestream will be distributed across Pinterest.

Creators who host Pinterest TV episodes generally see strong audience growth. As you build your audience on Pinterest, you might become eligible for new monetization opportunities and partnerships. Sometimes Pinterest features Pinterest TV hosts for paid partnerships, too.

Show formats

Here's what you can create on Pinterest TV

Success story

How one creator used Pinterest TV to dramatically grow her audience

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Homemade ice cream sandwiches held up to camera by a hand

A graduate student in Colorado, Lindsey loved cooking after class for her vegan friends. With encouragement from her local fan base, Lindsey pitched an idea for an episode on Pinterest TV.

Lindsey’s Healthy Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches episode was a hit. It drove strong audience engagement, with Lindsey taking people’s questions live. In all, she grew her audience by 10,000 people, and even caught the eye of some new brand partners. Plus, based on her episode’s success, Lindsey was asked to participate in a paid Pinterest campaign.

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How it works

First, use the Pinterest TV Studio to propose a show. Once accepted, you can schedule your show right in that same tool.

Upload a preview video and links to any featured products you’ll use in the episode. From there, we'll start promoting your segment across Pinterest. We’ll also provide a personalized link to your upcoming show.

When it’s time to go live, use Pinterest TV Studio to log in and connect with your audience. You're all ready to go!

All creators are eligible to apply

We evaluate applications based on your idea's feasibility for the Live format, as well as your Pinterest content quality. Note that we currently can only support episodes filmed in English.