How Pinterest trends can boost your business

As an advertiser, you don’t just need to know what’s trending now—you need to know what’s trending next. Find out how Pinterest trends will help you win big with your audience in 2023.

80% of our trend predictions come true1

People use Pinterest to plan for the future, so we know what’s next. Our data shows that 80% of our trends proved predictive over the last three years.1

But Pinterest trends aren’t just predictive. They work harder for you.

Pin of an orange cupcake with two, overlaid uptrending lines, tagged “Wildflower cupcakes”.
They take off faster

​​In a recent study with Black Swan, Pinterest trends took off 20% faster than trends across other platforms in their first six months.2 That kind of momentum translates to cultural relevance for you and your brand, because you get ahead of a trend that rises fast—and your ads rise with it.

Pin of cake slices decorated in various styles with an overlaid double line graph showing trend longevity, tagged “Purple floral cake”.
They last longer

Trends on Pinterest sustained monthly growth more than 20% longer than trends on the rest of the internet.2 In other words: they’re not just a flash in the pan. You don’t have to worry about putting all that work into content, only to watch the trend drop off. Both brands and creators stand to benefit from trends with a longer lifespan.

Pin of White hands arranging a cupcake on a plate surrounded by various emoji-like symbols, tagged “Sage green cupcakes”.
They inspire across audiences

When people engage with trends on Pinterest, they don’t just search for them once. They often revisit them again and again, searching above and beyond their original vertical.2 This provides a unique opportunity for brands to own trends across additional categories—and reach people beyond their target audience.

Estée Lauder achieved lower cost per impressions with Pinterest Predicts

Iconic cosmetics brand paired the “Skinimalism” Predicts trend with a new product launch promoting sustainable beauty. The result? 25% lower CPM than the Beauty industry benchmark.3

Pin titled “2021 Trend: Estée Lauder Instant Radiance” shows a Black woman applying serum with a “Shop Now” button below.

More ways to win with Pinterest trends

Pin of a dog being presented a mini cake from its owner, tagged “Dog birthday party ideas” and “Dog party favors”.
Creative inspiration

Tap into our trends to inspire fresh content ideas across verticals or inform your ads aesthetic. Dig into the specific search queries listed with each trend to get more detail on what people will search for in the future.

Three stacked Pins showing various avant garde outfit ideas, tagged “Avant garde outfit” with a shopping tag icon.
Product development

Lean on our trends to inform new product ideas. Or, reframe your existing product around rising predictions to give it a fresh take. For example, is there a new color or pattern that’s rising that could be part of a special, on-trend offer?

Pin of a White woman in brightly colored glasses and a coral blazer, titled “2000s girl” and “Cool girl aesthetic outfits”.

Merchandise your products around our trends. Whether you’re updating endcaps or in-store signage, amp up your product display based on our trending signals. Help people see that by purchasing your product, they’ll be ahead of the trends, too.

Personalized data, at your fingertips

Explore our new and improved trends tool: the only one on the internet where you can filter by gender, demographics and interests. Search by growing trends to see where you can get ahead of the competition.

Pin of a cozy corner featuring a lamp, armchair and couch, tagged with data filters like “Growing trends”, “Home decor”, “25-34” and “35-44”.

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