Collage of diverse couples. Asian couple hugging each other. Two entangled wedding bands in the center. Older white man holds a bouquet of roses. Interracial queer couple kissing on the cheek. Black twins connected by entangled hoop earrings.

A more conscious way to relate to one another

Attachment styles. Couples counseling. Friendship dynamics. In 2022, people across all age groups will transform their relationships—with their partners, with their loved ones and with themselves.

Two pairs of people. White man and Asian man in tan suits at right, one with his head on the other’s shoulder. White hand holds a bouquet of orange flowers at left. Older white man and woman ride in an orange rollercoaster car in the foreground.

Collage of people being close to each other. Woman in yellow clothes and man in pink clothes in an embrace. White hand and Black hand in a handshake grip. At left, a man smiles and rests a hand on the shoulder of a woman in a wheelchair.

Creator spotlight

Nory Pouncil has your back when it comes to relationships. This “self-trust coach” empowers her audience to live with intention and heal their relationships. Follow Nory for tried-and-true ways to better understand the people in your life.

“Self-care includes the people you surround yourself with. Friends that feel like chosen family? Yes, please. I encourage my community to keep nourishing healthy relationships with family, roommates and even co-workers.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a fitness brand...

Build tutorial video ads around partner workouts or joint meditation practices to help couples keep their bond strong (and sweaty).

If you’re a finance brand...

A couple that saves together stays together. Make it easier for newlyweds and established couples alike to meet their financial goals with home budget trackers and investment ideas.

If you’re a travel brand...

Glamping to reconnect? A sibling city stay? Focus travel guides around top destinations for couples to venture to together. Then, tap into the power of automatic bidding to get the most impressions for your target travelers.

Pinterest search results for relationship tips. Black woman and white man walk bicycles. White men with pink shirts and handlebar moustaches pose for a photo. White man dances with white woman. Pin of white women with red hair, one kissing the other’s hand. Clothesline of white and rainbow items, forest in back. Text reads Fin Serv, save together, stay together. Description reads stay connected as a couple with these family planning tips.

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