Puff love

Collage of six Black women and one Black man with different skin tones and hair textures. Naturally textured blond hair, hair tied in a top bun with yellow flowers and a two-puffs natural hairstyle.

Space buns? Hair for it.

In 2022, people will celebrate their natural texture with big hair styling techniques. Gen Z-driven space buns and high-puff hairstyles will continue to spike as people find new beauty inspo with Pinterest’s hair pattern search feature.

At right, Black woman in a light blue robe, looking in a hand mirror and touching her natural hair. At left, hand with an eye dropper. In the background, Black woman in pink shirt and jeans holds the bottom of her puffed ponytail.

Two Black women with natural hair against a light green backdrop. One at left in a beige top, one at right stands under a white hair dryer. Blue sky and clouds in the background.

Creator spotlight

Fola Amudipe is the definition of “puff goals.” This beauty creator and natural hair educator publishes Idea Pins that show off her hair journey and debunk natural hair myths. Follow Fola for jaw-dropping looks and high-fluff hair inspo.

“My content is about celebrating and caring for your hair. And I show it all to my community: ‘puff goals’ style, natural hair looks and beauty tutorials. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock space buns on a regular Monday?”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a beauty brand...

Help people keep their space buns afloat with styling tips, natural hair products and hair accessories and tools.

If you’re a parenting brand…

Use video ads to show parents how to style their kids’ high-puff hairstyles. From helpful hair products to step-by-step styling tutorials, share content to help them style their child’s natural hair textures.

If you’re a celebration brand…

Feature inclusive imagery in your promotional materials. Whether it’s models with high-puff hairstyles or brides sporting veils that work well with natural styles, keep high-puff hairstyles top of mind in your creative.

Pinterest search results for natural hairstyles. Black women with different skin tones. Red, black, dark brown and blonde hair. Brown and gray backdrops at left. Woman holds an orange skateboard. Pin of a Black woman with brown natural hairstyle, in front of a brown background. Text reads get the look: high-puff hairstyles, Sonla Trac. Description reads shop salon-approved hair products.

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