Collage of different people and pearly items. White man wearing a pearl choker necklace. Black woman wearing shimmery makeup and pearl earrings. A wedding cake with pearl details. A hand with pearls holding a white carnation.

The world is your oyster

In 2022, people of all ages will embrace iridescent accents in their homes, in their jewelry boxes and even as nail art. Pearl-themed parties will be on the rise, too, as people opt for pearly gowns and wedding decor.

Man with short brown hair in a tan blazer looks off in the distance, covering the lower half of his face. Backdrop of large pearls.

Four orange physalis pods on a thin branch. Backdrop of three translucent orange pearls, martini glass held by a hand with a lace glove and string of pearls and white fan pattern.

Creator spotlight

Pearls might seem like a traditional type of accessory, but not in the hands of Deni Todorovič. This fashion expert gives an unexpected twist to any outfit, from street style to red carpet looks. Follow Deni for fresh takes on timeless fashion inspiration.

“Take it from me: pearls don’t have to be preppy! I see them more as an easy way to elevate anything, like a denim jacket or wedding party invite. Pearlcore gives you edge, texture, and that gorgeous iridescent glow.”

Local spotlight

Pearlcore in Australia

People all around the world will redefine pearl jewelry in 2022—but this trend will reach new heights in Australia. Searches for pearl nails, men pearl necklaces and pearl chokers will rise in this region as Australians embrace a fresh, modern take on this natural gemstone. 

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a fashion brand...

Help people take pearls from stuffy to stylish. Encourage them to pair a simple strand with jeans and a T-shirt. Or, help them rethink the standard pearl earring and trade in their classic studs with a more baroque option.

If you’re a special events brand...

Help people plan a pearl-themed party. Offer up pearl-inspired wedding invites, table settings and balloons—and don’t forget faux pearl beaded necklaces as party favors.

If you’re a home brand...

Help your audience bring understated luxury to a remodel with pearl floor tiles or sateen-finished pearl-toned wall paint. Or for a more accessible everyday touch, promote mother of pearl photo frames, pearl-embellished serving trays and beaded decor pillows.

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