Collage of Black women’s hands. At left, aqua nail polish, yellow nail polish brush. At center, gold rings, purple and aqua tips. At right, gold rings, blue and purple tips. Desert landscape in back with cactus plants. Colors burst from polish bottle.

An escape is at your fingertips

Stargazing just got a little easier. This year, people will paint landscape-style designs on their digits. Geode, desert and constellation-inspired nail art are all trending up, especially among Millennial searchers.

Black hand on right pours a drop of pink nail polish onto a white hand at left with pastel-colored tips. Aurora and a mountain scene in the background.

White hand rests on top of purple, light blue and crystal patterns. Light blue nail polish at right.

Creator spotlight

There’s a new wave of nail designs, and it starts with the nature-filled ideas by Tábata Rodrigues. Each nailscape from this beauty creator reminds you that manicures don’t just mean French tips. Follow Tábata for all the fresh nail inspo this year.

“This year, my nail designs are less color blocking and more coastlines and butterflies. Nailscapes are all about little odes to nature. I think everyone will start requesting a set of ocean-inspired art on their fingertips.”

Local spotlight

Nailscapes in Brazil

One market where Nailscapes will take off in 2022 is Brazil. As Brazilians look to nature to inspire their next manicure, searches for blue galaxy nails, desert terracotta nails and even mermaid nails will rise in this region in the year ahead. 

Trending search terms in Brazil²

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a beauty brand...

Feature nail tutorials in a video ad to help people create a nature-inspired work of art on their nails, from oceanscapes to a galactic masterpiece.

If you’re a travel brand...

Have fun with your photoshoots. Whether you’re capturing the Pacific coast, the Arizona desert or an Iceland nature reserve, feature models with nailscapes that match their beautiful backdrops.

If you’re a fashion brand...

Offer people prints to match their pointers. Lean into your nature-inspired selections like galaxy pants, ocean-inspired overcoats and geode shawls.

Pinterest search term for nail designs. Black woman holding the frame of her sunglasses, her long nails have pastel shapes on them. A hand with long nails and with sea inspired designs over a pool background. Hand with short nails with silver nail polish and purple 3D dots. Pin showcasing a hand on the beach holding sand. The hand has long nails with a beachy design. Text reads nails inspired by nature. Natural beauty nail art. Description reads get inspired by these scenic nail designs.

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