Collage of people doing low-impact workouts. Arab woman in center in black scuba-hood workout outfit. White man walking across beach rocks. Legs in tights. Black woman putting on pink windbreaker. Leg lounging in bed. White woman floating in pool of water.

For the love of movement

Low impact is the new high intensity. This year, people of all ages will fall in love with more mellow ways to move their bodies. From starting a daily stretching routine to nature walks: It’s time to choose your own adventure.

Collage of exercise-related items. Man with a prosthetic right leg stretches on a grassy field at center. Woman on the left in a twisted high lunge yoga pose. Flat-roofed house with many windows at the top.

At left, smiling Black woman walks in exercise clothes, holding a bottle of water. At right, white woman in exercise clothes and headphones. Tree trunk in the foreground, plants and forest in the background.

Creator spotlight

Three words of comfort from Isabelle Dias: Don’t sweat it. Literally. Isabelle inspires her community to find new, low-impact ways to move your body at your own pace. Follow Isabelle for self-care ideas that go beyond high intensity workouts.

“I want my community to see that moving your body doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Go for a morning walk to ground yourself. Dance in your room to recharge. I think flexercise is made to be simple, not scary.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a wellbeing brand...

Think beyond HIIT workouts and marathon training. Create content and videos that promote the softer side of working out, like bedtime warm-ups and simple stretching routines.

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Share recipe ideas that people can whip up for a post-flexercise snack. Or if they’re not in the mood to cook, encourage people to have a special meal delivered to welcome them home from their low-impact adventure.

If you’re an apparel brand...

Get people into new active apparel categories that feel approachable to everyone. From dancing shoes to adaptive outdoor gear, outfit people to help them get moving at their own speed.

Pinterest search results for hiking snacks. Aerial view of watermelon, orange and lime slices. Granola bars on parchment paper. Fruit, crackers and mezze packs. Compostable cutlery. Aqua water bottle. Two white men on camping chairs with a silver thermos. Pin of someone putting a silver thermos into a yellow backpack, legs in white pants. Text reads five thermoses for nature walks. Description reads pack one of these for your next adventure.

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