2022 trend

Dopamine dressing

Collage of different people in colorful apparel. Black woman to the left wears a bright orange outfit. Man at center wears a printed top pulled over his head, orange pants and orange socks. White woman on the right wears a blue chiffon dress.

Dressing loud is the new dressing down

People are headed somewhere over the rainbow this year with vibrant outfits and colorful palettes. From rainbow dresses to electric blue outfits, 2022 fashion will be all about feel-good fits with an electric kick. All genders and age groups are driving this trend.

White man with prosthetic legs and long dark hair wears a bright yellow baseball cap and orange shirt. Black woman in a breezy blue dress, walking up gray stairs in a pink stairway. Blue background.

Colorful collage with two woman in bright colors against dark and pastels shapes.

Creator spotlight

Feeling chic doesn’t stop at head-to-toe black ‘fits. Just ask Cherifa Akili. This fashion creator defines her aesthetic with punchy palettes, like fuschia clutches and oversized green blazers. Follow Cherifa for sleek streetwear looks in this year’s most electric colors.

“Don’t tell my leather jacket how many times I choose my green blazer instead. I just love bright colors that feel unexpected. Throw on a blue skirt or fuschia purse when you’re running errands and your mood can automatically improve.”

Local spotlight

Dopamine dressing in Germany

One market where Dopamine dressing will make a major appearance next year is Germany. Germans will channel their positive feels into bright, statement colors with searches like fuchsia outfit, emerald green dresses and pink shoes. Get out your mood-boosting outfits. 

Trending search terms in Germany²

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a fashion brand...

Use a combination of ad types to showcase vibrant outfit ideas in colors like fuchsia and electric blue. And don’t forget the colorful accessories!

If you’re a beauty brand...

Share bright makeup tutorials to match colorful clothing—and make sure to feature people of many gender identities and age groups, since they’re the ones driving this bold new trend.

If you’re a home brand...

Show people how to nix neutral in their homes with collections ads. Highlight eccentric art and decor in bright colors, bold lighting, rich wall tones and colorful accents.

Pinterest search results for vibrant makeup. White man with short blonde hair, pink eyelids. Brown-skinned woman with blue head wrap, rainbow eyelids. East Asian woman with misty blue eyelids. Pin of white woman with long blonde hair, bright blue eyelids on a yellow background. Text on pink background that reads bright eyes, bold hues. Description is bright makeup looks for spring.

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