The Point:  People come to Pinterest to plan. That means we know what's coming next. Last year, we predicted 100 trends for 2020—and 80% of them came true. Even in the most unpredictable year ever.1

It’s that time of year again: year in review videos from all your favorite tech companies. Though, tbh, does anyone really want to review 2020?

Instead, we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on our predictions that came true.  For a year that absolutely no one expected, we still called it. The trends of 2020, we mean. Even in a year where so much went wrong, 80% of our trend projections held strong.1

Even in the face of a global pandemic, 8 in 10 of our 2020 trend predictions held strong throughout the year.

That’s because Pinterest is where people go to plan, so we have a better sense of what they’ll do next. Pinterest is predictive. Our insights aren’t a retrospective, or a roundup of what was trending. They’re a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Here’s a look at just a few of our 2020 predictions that came true.

Internationally inspired

The prediction:
We projected that global influences would make their way into Pinners' homes in a big way in 2020.

The verdict:
Internationally-inspired decor jumped significantly in 2020, with trends like Indian living room and Japanese soaking tubs rising like woah.

A blue and purple patterned rug
A Japanese soaking tub

increase in searches for Indian living rooms


increase in searches for Japanese soaking tubs

Indexed searches for Indian living rooms from January 2018 to September 2020

A line chart showing indexed searches for ‘indian living rooms’ from January 2018 to July 2020


The prediction:
We predicted that Pinners would be more eager than ever to answer the call of the wild, dedicating more time to outdoor hobbies and endurance skills.

The verdict:
Rustic-inspired searches reached new heights this year, with terms like hiking fashion and outdoor kitchen bars increasing significantly.

A White woman in a casual beige outfit, shielding her eyes from the sun in front of thin cactus plants
A Black woman's hands magnify green leaves in a forest

increase in searches for hiking fashion


increase in searches for outdoor kitchen bars

Indexed searches for outdoor kitchen bars from January 2018 to September 2020

A line chart showing indexed searches for ‘outdoor kitchen bars’ from January 2018 to July 2020

Conscious consumption

The prediction:
We guessed that a push for eco-friendly habits would change how we live in 2020—from home decor to everyday choices.

The verdict:
Thrifted home decor and solar light crafts increased in volume as Pinners searched for new ways to support the environment.

Sunlight cast on an antique armchair
A string of Chinese white paper lanterns

increase in searches for thrifted home decor


increase in searches for solar light crafts

Indexed searches for solar light crafts from January 2018 to September 2020

A line chart showing indexed searches for ‘solar light crafts’ from January 2018 to July 2020

And that’s not all. We predicted Y2K fashion would spike, and it exceeded our expectations (y2k outfits, +47% YoY). We called at-home music rooms as an emerging trend, and it broke our benchmarks (audio rooms, +72%). Even the pampered pets trend continued to increase throughout the year (dog patio ideas apartment, +40%).

This time, we’re taking our predictions even further. In December, we’ll share more trends than ever and let you filter by industry or demographic to find the most impactful insight for your next campaign.

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All data comes from Pinterest analysis of English language searches across our global audience. Data was compared between Aug 2018-Jul 2019 and Aug 2019-Jul 2020.

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