Your Pinterest stats

Making sense of the numbers

The Pin is part art and part science. Many pieces of data come together to make a Pin that’s helpful to users and benefits your business. Your Pin stats offer a quick overview to help you gauge the success of Pins you’ve created. You'll find Pin stats on all the Pins in your profile.

How often your Pin has appeared on Pinterest

This is the number of impressions you have, or how many times the Pin you created has been displayed on Pinterest. You only need to post a Pin once. It still appears on Pinterest many more times, and that’s what this number shows. Learn more about how Pinterest works.

How to increase your impressions

The most effective way to get more impressions is to promote your Pin.

To make sure your Pin is seen by the people most likely to be interested in it, try using keywords and targeting.  This will help you get the most value out of your impressions.

Total engagements

Pins can be interesting to Pinners for a variety of reasons, this number gives you the big picture. Each time someone taps on your Pin to get a closer look, clicks through to your website or saves your Pin, your engagement number goes up. Total engagement is a useful indicator of how much interest people are showing in your Pin.

Inspire Pinners to engage with your ideas by making your Pins beautiful, helpful and actionable. We’ve got a guide that tells you how.

on-pin analytics closeup


When people tap your Pin to take a closer look you know you’ve caught their eye, and that they’re curious to learn more. The number of closeups is one indicator of how many people are considering doing more with your idea.

Creating Pins with compelling images and detailed descriptions are just a couple ways to get more closeups. Learn more about creating Pins that improve engagement.

on-pin analytics clicks


People will visit your site when they’re curious to know more about what you’re offering. If driving traffic is your objective, use this number to see how many times someone looking at your Pin clicked through to your website.

Pin images with multiple products in them tend to drive traffic because they speak to different tastes and stimulate curiosity. Learn more about creating Pins that get more clicks.

on-pin analytics saves


When your Pin is saved you know you’ve created compelling content that people are planning to return to and do more with in the future.

Plus, each time someone saves your Pin their followers can see it too. More saves will boost your impressions. The longer your content is on Pinterest the more saves you’ll get, so you’ll reach more and more Pinners without ever having to repost your Pin.

Pins that show products in a realistic setting—like a lamp shown in a living room—inspire people to make similar plans and save your Pin. Learn more about creating Pins that Pinners like to save.