The Container Store

Coordinating across channels

The Container Store is the original storage and organization store selling 10,000 products to save customers space and time, with locations across the United States. Before The Container Store even had a profile, Pinterest was the leading social media source of referral traffic to their site. Lots of people were saving from The Container Store domain, too. They took a look at the numbers, learned more about the service and decided it was a perfect fit.

“Pinterest is a great place to share ideas, create inspiration and show off what you have organized,” said Kristin Steed, social media manager. “For decades, our customers have loved showing off their organized spaces and Pinterest is another fun way to do that.”

Email is the marketing tool that drives the highest engagement on their Pinterest boards. Each Pinterest-focused email garners the retailer about 7,000 new followers. They send out targeted Pinterest emails, like emails to teachers that highlight school-related Pins or messages about Pinterest promotions to their entire customer base.

The Container Store added a Top Pinned category to their website and regularly promotes Pinterest on their homepage. The Popular Pin badge on their website outperforms all other badges.

They also include Pinterest promotions and messaging in each of their catalogs and on signage in their stores.

Kristin Steed
Social Media Manager, The Container Store
“We view Pinterest as a success for us given the high engagement with our boards, ever increasing followers and saves and the traffic and sales it drives online and to our stores.”
The right mix of Pins

The Container Store organizes their boards to reach different audiences, like boards for college dorms, wedding showers, and teachers.

The Container Store dug into Pinterest analytics to learn which Pins were most popular and based on their findings, they collaborated with their in-house creative team to create custom images that would generate even more engagement on Pinterest. For their brand, that meant creating alternate images that showed the product in use or with a background. The creative team also created a template to better highlight video Pins.

In order to be part of the greater Pinner community, The Container Store makes sure to share ideas from others, too. About two-thirds of their Pins are original content and the rest come from other relevant resources. Many of their Pins are about tips, ideas and inspiration, and they’ve found Pinners like both original and outside content.

And they’re still learning. One of The Container Store’s top saved Pins was a product called BluApple Product Fresh Guard that prevents fruits and vegetables from ripening too fast. The merchandising team at The Container Store was curious about why the product was selling so well and soon discovered it had been a popular Pin. Now, the buying team thinks about other products that could gain traction on Pinterest and works closely with the social team to feature those solutions.

“We view Pinterest as a success for us given the high engagement with our boards, ever increasing followers and saves and the traffic and sales it drives online and to our stores,” Steed said.

Suggestions from The Container Store
  • Send out targeted Pinterest emails that curate Pins for different audiences
  • Promote popular Pinterest content on your website with badges and a Top Pinned category
  • Use analytics to track what's popular and influence merchandising decisions