Building their brand with helpful Pins

The German kitchen appliance brand generated 45% of total site traffic, and more than 50% of online sales via social channels on Pinterest after implementing best practices.

higher in time spent on site from Pinterest referral traffic
of total traffic is from Pinterest
Their goal

Inspiring adventurous foodies

Springlane, one of Germany's fastest-growing kitchen appliance brands, sells a wide range of gadgets, tools and accessories for cooking. As part of their content marketing strategy, Springlane built one of the largest online platforms for food content in all of Germany. The site reaches more than 10 million people every month with inspiring recipes and cooking-related ideas. Visitors who want to try the recipes for themselves can jump on over to Springlane’s digital shop to make a purchase.   

Springlane wanted to generate brand reach and awareness for their recipes and products. They also wanted to drive more traffic to their website and to increase sales. To do that, the team needed to find a loyal audience of people who love food, and expand their organic reach using a cost-effective acquisition channel.

Hendrik Nölle
Head of Content Marketing, Springlane
“Pinterest is a great platform for building a loyal and engaged audience and for driving quality clicks to our website. The platform helps reach people who really want to take action—they’re not just passively consuming content. We can build our brand thanks to a more meaningful relationship with our audience—beyond just collecting likes and shares!”
Their solution

Expanding organic reach

Springlane knew that Pinterest had a highly engaged audience looking for creative recipes and eager to try them out. As they used Pinterest for their marketing goals, the team learned that their recipes were saved 2x more often on Pinterest than they were shared on other social platforms.

They applied several organic best practices for Pinterest to reach their goals. This included optimizing their images for Pinterest and adding the Save button to the website and on each recipe image.

Since Pins are organized into columns, vertical Pins stand out more and generally perform better. Although Springlane’s images are normally horizontal, when they added the Save button to recipes, images appeared in a vertical layout.

All of their Pins used tasteful branding and featured actionable text overlay. The team also used Recipe Pins, a type of Rich Pin, to help give people extra information such as the ingredients needed for one of their recipes, cooking times, supplies and more.

They also regularly promoted their Pinterest profile to other audiences via their newsletters and social media profiles.

Their results

Cooking up big sales

In the first quarter of 2018, Springlane generated as much sales of the kitchen products on their site through Pinterest than on all other social networks combined.

People were inspired to buy various products on Springlane after discovering a Pin with engaging, helpful and relevant content. Today, Pinterest traffic represents 45% of their total traffic.

Pinterest referrals are also highly valuable: average time spent by people referred from Pinterest is 69% higher than the time spent by referrals from social networks. And 65% of Pinterest visitors are returning visitors.