Issey Miyake

Boosting brand awareness among a target audience with specific interests

The fragrance brand used Video Pins and keywords targeting to connect with a key audience, lifting awareness of their new fragrances.

video views in 3 weeks
view rate, substantially higher than company's benchmark
completion rate, substantially higher than company's benchmark
Their goal

Engaging audiences and expanding brand recognition

Issey Miyake Parfums launched its first fragrance, L'Eau d'Issey, in 1992. Since then, the brand has never ceased to amaze and has gone from strength to strength. Today, Issey Miyake Parfums is one of the leading fragrance brands in the industry, producing a broad range of perfumes for both men and women.

With the launch of several new fragrances on the horizon, Issey Miyake, accompanied by their digital agency iProspect, wanted to raise brand awareness among an audience between the ages of 25-40 with specific interests aligned with the brand DNA. Pinterest offered access to their target audience, and since many Pinners are already searching for inspirational content around beauty and style, the platform was the perfect fit for the campaign.

Frederick Routier
Global Media Manager, SHISEIDO
“Pinterest is a relevant platform to build awareness for our SHISEIDO Group fragrance portfolio and connect engaged audiences with animated formats and video ads. We are looking at strengthening our partnership and build on this success”
Their solution

Finding the right audience with Video Pins

To reach its target audience, Issey Miyake, with the help of their digital agency iProspect, decided to focus their Pinterest campaign around Video Pins. Launching in three markets – first the UK, then Germany, then Spain – their team created a 10-second video showcasing their Rose&Rose and Wood&Wood fragrances.

Issey Miyake also used keyword targeting to ensure their Video Pins were reaching the right audience at the right time. Focusing on terms related to beauty, fragrance, style, arts, and culture, Issey Miyake was able to connect with Pinners who were actively searching for fragrance-related content.

Furthermore, Issey Miyake optimized their Pinterest campaign by decreasing their cost per mille (CPM) every 3-4 days. This meant they were able to maintain a consistent performance while delivering competitive cost metrics, ensuring that the campaign was a success in terms of both cost-efficiency and brand awareness.

Their results

Whiff of success

Connecting with key audiences through Video Pins was a successful strategy for Issey Miyake. In addition to consistently high impressions across all three countries, Issey Miyake achieved a view rate of 56%, which was substantially higher than their best view rate benchmarks. The campaign’s video completion rates – around 22% – also comfortably outperformed the company’s internal benchmarks.

Furthermore, the campaign was a success from a financial standpoint, with cost per completed view around 4-5 times lower than it was on other platforms. Having driven brand awareness while remaining cost-efficient, Issey Miyake is looking at building on this successful campaign and improving upon these impressive results.

Advertiser tips
  1. For beauty and fragrance brands, Pinterest is a cost-effective option, while the platform can be a great way to connect with a receptive audience.

  2. Align your campaign’s creative assets with keyword targeting to ensure that Pins are shown to the right people at the right time.

  3. Many millennials use Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. If your brand is looking to connect with this potentially lucrative market segment, Pinterest is a viable option.