Media Partisans

Pinterest brings publishing house 35% of total traffic

After just six months of promoting content from their lifestyle sites on Pinterest, the online publisher increased referral traffic by 9x, which accounted for 35% of total traffic.

increase in followers
of total traffic is from Pinterest
Their goal

Fueling growth via Pinterest

Connecting the world through stories is Media Partisans’ mission. They are one of the fastest-growing media companies in the world, with 42 media properties in 11 languages worldwide. Every single story and video they produce reaches millions of people.

In Germany, Media Partisans runs five vertical properties, most of them lifestyle-related. They include Geniale Tricks for life hacks, Gut für Dich for beauty and Leckerschmecker for food.

For all of their global lifestyle websites, Media Partisans wanted to increase brand awareness and encourage people to visit. They recognized the potential to accomplish both via Pinterest, since people use Pinterest to find new ideas. They also saw Pinterest’s potential to reach a large number of people, with precise targeting.

Media Partisans also wanted to create a two-way traffic cycle: They got new traffic from Pinterest, and also drove their own millions-strong audience to their Pinterest profile to further fuel growth.

Michael Glöß
Co-founder & CEO, Media Partisans
“Previously, our main source of reach was Facebook. On other platforms, content is usually distributed for just a few days. On Pinterest, we get a constant flow of engagement and traffic, even for Pins we created a year ago.”
Their solution

Best practices yield best results

First, Media Partisans added a prominent Save button to all of their sites. They also added a social sharing bar to all of their content to make sure people could easily save content also from a mobile device.

The publisher also made a point of following Pinterest best practices, such as using vertical images, adding text overlay to convey their main message, including branding and more. Media Partisans also used Article Pins, a type of Rich Pin that includes the article’s headline, author and story description.

Right out of the gate, the Media Partisans team started saving content daily to each of their twenty global Pinterest profiles. They drove meaningful traffic to their Pinterest profiles by encouraging their Facebook audience to save content for later, with a callout on every single Facebook post.

Their results

Pinners return 50% more often

Traffic from Pinterest to Media Partisans’ websites grew by 9x from January to June 2018, accounting for 35% of their total traffic. The company has also discovered that Pinners return to Media Partisans’ websites 50% more often than referrals from other networks.

By promoting their Pinterest profiles on Facebook for three months, the publisher increased their follower base on Pinterest by up to 4x.

With such massive increases in engagement and reach in a matter of months, the company believes they are only at the very beginning of their growth on Pinterest.