L’Oreal Paris

A vision (board) of beauty

L’Oreal Paris, a top beauty brand, makes innovative beauty products accessible to everyone. L’Oreal Paris’ legendary tagline, “because you’re worth it,” is all about their desire to inspire and connect with women on a personal level. They use Pinterest to bring a vision of “relatable beauty” to their customers with artful, inspirational and tutorial Pins. 

Previous experience with Promoted Pins motivated them to take their marketing strategy to the next level for the launch of a new product. L'Oreal Paris wanted their campaign to introduce the Lumi Glow Illuminator to a target audience of women aged 18–34, ensure this audience associated the new product with the highlighting trend and encourage them to purchase. The campaign reached nearly 5 million people and saw a 20% increase over the average engagement rate.

“Pinterest is the ideal marketing channel for L’Oreal Paris’ products. Our audience is there to shop and discover new beauty products—not just scroll for fun—enabling us to capture them in a consideration mindset when they are further down the marketing funnel,” said Kristen Comings, Vice President of Integrated Consumer Communications at L’Oreal Paris.

37 %
increase in purchase intent
21 %
increase in aided awareness
20 %
increase over the average engagement rate
Kristen Comings
Vice President of Integrated Consumer Communications, L'Oreal Paris
“We realized that our customers use Pinterest to create a digital shopping list of products they plan to buy, so we strategically create compelling boards with this consumer behavior in mind.”
Highlighting a new product

To launch their new facial highlighter product, True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator, L’Oreal Paris wanted to give customers a unique experience. In addition to standard Promoted Pins, L’Oreal Paris also showed the product in action with Cinematic Pins, a mobile, motion-based Promoted Pin format that animates when customers scroll.

“Because this was a new product category for us, we wanted to elevate our typical launch strategy and actually show how the Lumi Glow Highlighter can accentuate our customer’s best features,” said Amy Whang, Vice President of Cosmetics at L’Oreal Paris. “Since highlighting can be intimidating to some, using the Cinematic Pin not only inspired women to use a highlighter as their finishing touch but also positioned L’Oreal Paris as a leader of the highlighting trend.”

With two different ad types—standard and Cinematic Pins—L’Oreal Paris was able to showcase the Lumi Highlighter to their audience, as well as educate them on how to use it. Standard Pins showed off the key features of the product, while Cinematic Pins used motion to demonstrate exactly where to apply the highlighter. Both standard and Cinematic Pins were used to display the variety of highlighter shades available.

Impressive results

L’Oreal Paris measured the campaign with a Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study. The results showed increases in every metric across the funnel among L’Oreal Paris’ target audience. Despite a high level of baseline product awareness, the Pinterest campaign increased aided awareness by 21.3%. Additionally, it raised purchase intent by 30.9% and improved message association (“I can use it to highlight my key features”) by an impressive 31.2%. While both ad types performed well, Cinematic Pins showed a particularly high increase in brand metrics, specifically awareness— which Cinematic moved by 30.7%— and purchase intent, which increased by 37.2%.

“Cinematic Pins gave us a platform for deeper storytelling that brought the Lumi highlighter to life. The engaging format, combined with the earned impressions we saw even after the promotion ended enabled us to increase brand awareness and purchase intent beyond our expectations,” Whang said.

Suggestions from L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris’ Pinterest strategy focuses on making their customer feel effortlessly beautiful by giving her the latest products, education and beauty inspiration. Their Pins and boards are centered around these business goals:

  • Drive sales: L’Oreal Paris uses Product Pins and tutorial Pins to provide their audience with a visual catalog of beauty products that illustrates feature details and color palettes, and lets customers create a digital shopping list
  • Build community: While beauty inspiration is the forefront of the Pinterest strategy, L’Oreal Paris taps into the communities diverse interests with boards about summer beauty, French cooking and Parisian style.  
  • Promote brand affinity: Brand Pins inspire their audience with fun quotes and whimsical images, representing L’Oreal Paris’ roots with a certain je ne sais quoi.
  • Use Analytics: L'Oreal Paris looks at Pinterest Analytics to determine what their customers want to see most.