Blédina uses Pinterest to showcase its product range and boost in-store sales

For more than 100 years, Blédina has been providing specially formulated food products to support babies’ health and nutritional needs in accordance with infant nutrition regulations. France’s number one producer of baby food called on Pinterest and marketing agency iProspect to help them highlight the diversity of their baby products among parents of children aged 6 months and older—while also continuing to recommend breastfeeding. It proved an especially successful campaign for the brand, generating compelling results in terms of brand attribution and in-store sales at the supermarket chain Carrefour.

increase in sales between May 29, 2019 and October 8, 2019, excluding infant formula
in their customers’ average cart value
users reached at an average frequency of 9
in ad recall for parents with children aged between 6 months and 2 years
Their goal

Inspiring parents and highlighting the diversity of Blédina’s product range

Given the competitive market environment, the brand wanted to emphasize the wide range of Blédina products on offer, while also showing parents, their target audience, the diversity of their recipes, products, flavors, and textures—all formulated to delight their little ones’ taste buds. 

Blédina joined forces with Pinterest to promote their creative campaign among parents, their direct audience. They set a number of goals for this campaign: brand attribution—the key indicator for measuring advertising effectiveness—increasing traffic to the Blédina website, and last but not least, boosting in-store sales.

Thomas Demondion
Senior Media Manager, Blédina
“Taking into account our target group’s media consumption, the Pinterest ecosystem provides a real opportunity for us to reach our desired audience in a way that’s in line with their behavior throughout the purchase journey. This helped us increase the effectiveness of our investment both from a media perspective and a business perspective, with a significant lift in terms of ROI.”
Their solution

Ad formats that highlight product range diversity and are tailored to segment targeting

To achieve their goals, the nutritional brand of choice for parents and babies used both Pinterest’s standard ads and their Promoted Carousels to demonstrate the diversity of their products. 

Blédina’s targeting strategy made its mark by simultaneously reaching specific audiences based on their priority themes: parenthood and nutrition. Thanks to their segmentation approach, the brand’s bet paid off—they racked up more than satisfactory audience figures, while also ensuring an optimum frequency rate.

Their results

Excellent campaign results confirmed by LiveRamp

Reaching an audience of 3.2 million people at an average frequency of 9, Blédina’s Pinterest campaign produced compelling results. Their targeting strategy in particular paid off very well, delivering a 7.4-percentage-point jump in ad recall among parents of children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. 

LiveRamp, the international benchmark for CRM onboarding and a reliable third-party partner for measuring media effectiveness was able to show that Blédina’s Pinterest campaign had a significant impact on the brand’s in-store sales, which increased by 23%, and boosted customers’ average cart value by 18%. The campaign produced a return-on-ad spend (ROAS) of €2.45 per euro spent. All in all, excellent results in a relatively short space of time.

Vihan Sharma
Managing Director Europe, LiveRamp
“LiveRamp is very proud to work with Pinterest as a trusted third party in evaluating digital campaigns. When analyzing the Blédina campaign, we observed an increase in average cart value of 18.6%, which is significantly above the average.”
Advertiser tips
  • Pinterest is the most suitable platform for FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) businesses, and this is especially the case for brands positioned in the nutritional space. Pinterest’s semantic tagging technology allows for accurate segment categorization, meaning that Blédina was able to make very precise adjustments to the messages and content that they targeted to their various groups of young parents. This valuable advantage allowed them to stay closely aligned with the interests of their target audience.
  • The value of working with a third party involves more than just measuring impact. Today, choosing a trusted partner is vital to the process of confirming the actual effectiveness of any advertising campaign. LiveRamp’s evaluation capabilities made it possible to track the correlation between this digital campaign and sales in Carrefour’s supermarkets, with powerful results for their branded products.