Their goal

BabyList had a lofty company goal: They wanted every pregnant person in America to utilize BabyList by the end of 2016. To help achieve this goal, they used Pinterest with the intent of reaching an increasing number of expecting families every month. They also aimed to increase brand awareness and grow their customer base.

+ 70 %
increase in account signups
+ 40 %
increase in revenue
Key insights

BabyList knew the majority of their target audience were already active on Pinterest: There are more than 900 million Pins about parenting. And according to a recent comScore report, Pinterest reaches 18% of all females who are likely to have a baby in the next 12 months. With this new life stage, future parents are searching Pinterest for baby must haves, baby registry, baby wipes and baby essentials, along with everything needed to put together the perfect nursery—making Pinterest an ideal platform to connect with those getting ready to build a registry.

Their solution

To reach the 43 million people on Pinterest preparing for a baby, BabyList optimized their website for Pinterest and included Pin-worthy content in every blog post from the start. This helped them establish a strong Pinterest community as a foundation for future success.

BabyList’s target customer is women in their second trimester of pregnancy, which is generally when they find out the sex of a baby and subsequently start a registry. Before they started advertising on Pinterest, most of their registrants found BabyList by searching for "alternative registry" or "online registry" on Google, or heard about it from a friend. Promoted Pins allowed BabyList to reach an untapped audience–pregnant women who weren’t even aware there were registry alternatives.

To highlight the breadth of products expectant moms could add to their registry, BabyList created vertical Pins featuring multiple products. And to reinforce their credibility in the space, they promoted Pins featuring curated content around best-in-class baby products.

BabyList utilized interest targeting to reach audiences interested in kid-related content, as well as keyword targeting to reach more qualified people based on the products they might be searching for in their second trimester of pregnancy. They also used Pinterest Audiences, which let them upload their customer list and use exclusion targeting to avoid reaching existing customers.

BabyList evaluated performance based on a longer, 30-day lookback window to account for planning behavior of expectant moms on Pinterest. Valuing engagement-based conversions also allowed BabyList to consider a holistic view of performance.

Brittany Murlas
CMO, Babylist
“Display advertising has been around for a while, but ads as actionable, visually stimulating and downright beautiful haven't existed, before Pinterest.”

Overall, Pinterest helped BabyList grow brand awareness rapidly by providing an engaging way to reach their exact market. BabyList’s user base has tripled in size over the past year and they attribute much of that growth to Pinterest. “We were surprised at just how many new registries Pinterest drove for us,” said Brittany Murlas, Babycenter's CMO. “I would describe our overall success on Pinterest in two words: Explosive growth.”

Within the first 5 months of using Promoted Pins, they saw a 70% increase in account signups and a 40% increase in revenue. Their content has been saved by more than 50,000 people to baby-specific boards, which means they’re seeing the benefits of their Promoted Pins long after a campaign is over and continue to see their cost per acquisition decrease over time.

    What works

    Tips from BabyList

    • Build credibility and a strong Pinterest community by encouraging comments on Pins, linking to great blog resources and optimizing your website for Pinterest.
    • Create great Pins featuring multiple images and rich descriptions that people will want to save and repin.
    • Reach the right audience by using a combination of interest targeting, keyword targeting and Pinterest Audiences.
    • Track and optimize for conversions using the Pinterest Conversion Pixel and set your attribution window for at least 30 days to account for the longer planning cycle on Pinterest.

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