The Save button is the best way for your business to get discovered on Pinterest. When you add the Save button to your site’s pages, you let your customers add things they like onto Pinterest, which means even more people can find it.

Make a Save button


More impressions and traffic

The Save button can help you get more referral traffic to your site when people click on your Pins. People add your things to Pinterest where more people discover and save them. 

Three months after added the Save button, people added more than 50,000 recipes from their website, leading to 139 million impressions on Pinterest.


See your results

Once you’ve added the Save button and set up website analytics, you’ll be able to see what people are adding from your website. Analytics shows you what content from your website is most popular on Pinterest.

A button that works for you

You can change the Save button’s size, shape and color in a few different ways so that it matches your website’s look and feel better.

The on-hover Save button is another choice, appearing only when someone mouses over an image on your website. It’s a subtle reminder to visitors that they can save what they like to Pinterest. Best of all—it takes only one line of code to get hover buttons on all of your images.


Available on popular publishing platforms

You can find the Save button integrated into popular platforms, including Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress and Wix, which means you can get the button in a snap! Learn more.

Get the Save button today

Add a few lines of code next to the images you want to share, then let Pinners do the rest! (It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll need to know basic HTML.)
Make a Save button

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