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From ad campaign basics to making beautiful Pins, we’ve got resources to help you create effective Promoted Pins.

Tips to help you make great Promoted Pins
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Check out our dos and don'ts before promoting or editing your Pins.

Take a peek at this guide to read some simple tips for making your Pins more successful.

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Learn more about repurposing images you already have to create effective Pins.

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Find out how to increase your sales with Pins featuring multiple products.

Webinars to help you develop your Pinterest ads

Pin Creative Best Practices: Find out how brands design Pins that are helpful, engaging and inspiring—and that ultimately drive more business their way.

Success is in the details:  Learn how to dig into Pinterest Analytics and ads reporting so you'll know when you’ve hit your campaign goals—and when it’s time to celebrate!

Building a strong campaign: Find out how Promoted Pins can drive more website traffic, signups and sales for your business.

Next steps for your campaign: Get help you with campaign optimization strategies, like keyword and interest targeting, bidding strategy and campaign setup.

Common questions about Pinterest ad campaigns

What’s the difference between a traffic and engagement campaign?

The first Dear Abby blog post answers this and other common Promoted Pin questions.


How do targeting and bids work?

The second Dear Abby blog post addresses this and other common questions about targeting and bids.


What are best practices when running a Pinterest Ad campaign?

The third Dear Abby blog post explains this and other strategies for your Promoted Pin campaigns.

Need more answers?

We’ve got articles to help you get started creating Pins, learn how the Pinterest auction works and more.