Get your website ready with Pinterest plugins

Use our tools

These website tools offer two big advantages: they make it easier for people to save your content, and they help you evaluate your Pinterest results.  

Install the Save button

The Save button boosts your brand’s presence on Pinterest. Once you add the button to your site, visitors can easily save any image to Pinterest. That means they’re showing interest in your brand—and then other Pinners can see your content, too!

Confirm your site

Once you’ve confirmed your site, your profile picture will show up on every Pin that comes from your website. You’ll also be able to look at what other people are saving from your site.   

Build a widget

A widget lets you display Pins, boards or your Pinterest profile on your own website. This encourages visitors to interact with your Pins and save the ideas they like.

Add the Pinterest Tag

The Pinterest Tag helps you make more informed business decisions. The tag tracks your website conversions, giving you important insight into how Pinners interact with your site. You can also use tag data to build audience segments for more efficient targeting, and to develop creative ads. You'll need to add a piece of JavaScript into your site's code to use this feature.