Scale your success on Pinterest

Pinterest Partners offer sophisticated technology solutions to help you scale on Pinterest. They span six focus areas, from content optimization to targeting and shopping tools. 

We've vetted every partner for both Pinterest knowledge and technical expertise. Depending on your goals, you might want to work with multiple partners at once. 

Partner specialties


Advertising partners are experts in campaign management, media buying and media strategy. They can help you manage, scale and optimize your Pinterest marketing. You can choose from managed service or self-serve tools. 


Shopping partners make it easier for people to shop your products on Pinterest. They offer tools like e-commerce merchant platforms, feed management providers, tag management systems and creative shoppable experiences.  

Content marketing

Content marketing partners can help you build a stronger presence on Pinterest. They can help with both organic content and paid campaigns. They span the entire content process, from sourcing content and publishing Pins to managing engagement and Pinner interactions. 


Creative partners help you create more engaging content, with more efficient processes. They're fully trained on Pinterest's creative best practices and can help you scale content quickly. 



Audience partners help you onboard first-party data to Pinterest so you can use advanced targeting features like customer retargeting and actalike audiences. 


Measurement partners help you dig deeper into campaign performance and value. They can measure metrics like online conversions, brand lift, in-store sales and mobile app installs.

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