Marketing Partners offer sophisticated marketing solutions that help brands get the most out of Pinterest. Advertisers work directly with Marketing Partners to improve campaign efficiency, scale, and performance. Whether you want to optimize content, refine your targeting, or measure your results, a Marketing Partner can help you achieve your business objectives.  

Marketing Partners span four specialties: advertising, content marketing, audiences, and measurement. Depending on your goals, you may want to work with partners from multiple specialties. Each partner is highly vetted for both technical expertise and Pinterest expertise.

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The advertising specialty includes experts in ad technology, media buying and creative services. Together, these partners help businesses manage, scale, and optimize their Pinterest marketing. You can choose from managed or self-service technology options. Partners span geographies and cover a wide range of verticals, so you’re sure to find a partner with the right background for your needs.

Content marketing 

Content marketing partners help brands develop a strong organic presence on Pinterest. They support the entire Pinterest campaign process, from sourcing content and publishing Pins to managing interactions with Pinners. Content marketing partners have great insight into what kinds of creative work best on Pinterest, so brands that start working with a content marketing partner tend to see a big jump in Pin performance.


Audience partners help brands onboard their own data so they can use advanced targeting features like customer list targeting and actalike audiences together with the strong intent signal on Pinterest. Brands that use first-party data to target their Promoted Pins see much stronger marketing results.


Measurement partners allow marketers to monitor and quantify the value that Pinterest campaigns are driving across online conversion activity, brand lift, in-store sales, and mobile app installs.