Audience targeting in Ads Manager

How to set up and optimize your audience targeting

We’ve put together this series of videos to help you learn more about our audience targeting features and how to make the most of them. Each video offers step-by-step instructions for setting up the different targeting options in Ads Manager.

Actalike targeting

Once you’ve identified your most valuable customers, you can use actalike audiences to find and target others like them. We call this actalikes because the audiences you target on Pinterest don’t just look similar, they have similar engagement activity too.

Customer targeting

Customer targeting will help you reach people with an active interest in your brand when they’re most receptive to your messaging.

Depending on your goals, you might target existing customers to keep them engaged, or exclude them to focus on new customers.

Engagement targeting

Identify people who’ve interacted with your Pinterest campaigns in the past so you can reach them in the future with content personalized just for them.

You can create an audience and retarget Pin clicks, comments, saves and closeups. Or create an audience built on people’s interest in a specific Pin. With engagement targeting, you can encourage people who’ve already shown interest in your brand to take action.

Visitor targeting

Use the Pinterest Tag to make the most of the traffic and engagement you get on your own website. We’ll show you how to create audiences to retarget people on Pinterest based on things they did—like browsing a category, adding to a shopping cart, or signing up for your services.