A professor partial to design

Sean wasn’t intentionally looking for a flashlight. The 37-year-old professor and graphic designer normally uses Pinterest to collect ideas for the classes he teaches, to find fun things to do with his kids, and to get ideas for his backyard chicken coop.

He thinks of Pinterest as the “landing pad” for everything that inspires him.

It’s also a place where Sean discovers new products. Sometimes he’ll visit the platform when he’s in the market for a new device. Other times he’ll stumble upon something he didn’t even know he needed or wanted, like that solar-powered flashlight.

Sean finding flashlight on Pinterest

The bright idea

The day Sean found the Pin that led to his buying the flashlight, he was scrolling through his Pinterest homefeed, which was full of tech products and crafts. Sean was in an open state of mind where he was figuring out what he wanted to do or buy next when a Pin of a flashlight made him pause. It was an unusual flashlight with a solar panel and a hand crank.

“What I liked about it was the design,” Sean said. “That caught my eye, but then, as I looked at it closer, I saw that there were multiple functions going on, multiple ways to get power, and then use the power as a light or lantern or to charge devices.”

Professor and graphic designer, Utah
“When I found the flashlight, it wasn't something I was looking for. It was on my radar, probably in the back of my mind because I like gadgets.”
38 %
of dads use Pinterest in the US
70 %
of Pinners discover a new product on Pinterest
From dream to reality

Sean saved the flashlight to his board. After thinking it over for a while, he found out where to buy one, and got the flashlight for Christmas. He now uses it every night when he goes outside to make sure his chickens are safe inside their coop.

As Sean puts it, “Pinterest makes me happy...It feels inspirational and it makes me feel like I can do things on my own and not have to buy a million things. Although, it does also make me wanna buy things.”

35 %
of Pinners are more likely to buy household hardware products
60 %
of Pinners find ideas for a bigger project around the house
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