A guitarist with good taste

There are impulse buyers and then there are people like Ryan. He’s the kind of person who will buy something only if he’s sure he’ll still love it a few months later. This freelance photographer and musician takes his fashion decisions especially seriously. So if he’s going to buy a new jacket or shirt, he’s going to spend a lot of time looking at different fabrics and cuts before settling on the right one.

Discovering ideas

Since discovering Pinterest a few years ago, the platform has become Ryan’s favorite place to figure out what he will buy and wear next.

“Before Pinterest, I tended to just open up link after link and tab after tab on Google Chrome or whatever browser,” said Ryan. “Now that I have a board as a reference, it makes things so much easier.”

Ryan’s style board features an eclectic mix of patterned suits, Japanese workwear and, in a nod to the Northern California beach town where he grew up, surfwear.

Recently, Ryan was in the market for a jacket for fall.

Ryan wearing jacket and playing guitar

Finding fall styles

He began with a keyword search on Pinterest for “fall jacket,” “autumn jacket,” “tan jacket” and anything that was camel, tobacco or tan.

“A huge variety of stuff came up,” he said.

Ryan then began narrowing it down. “Going down the rabbit hole,” as he put it. He knew he wanted something versatile because in San Francisco the weather can change on a dime.

One of the jackets Ryan saved to his board caught his eye. It was a casual-style made of a thin canvas he could layer clothing under. The Pin featured a close-up image of a button, and Ryan loved how the brass button with green lettering contrasted with the tan color of the jacket.

“That’s the one,” Ryan said to himself.

Photographer and musician, California
“The most inspiring thing about using Pinterest is that it just is a massive library for really anything that you're looking for.”
73 %
of searches on Pinterest are 1-3 word queries
85 %
of searches on Pinterest happen on mobile
Nailing the look

Ryan found and purchased the jacket online. Within a week it was at his house, and he’s been wearing it ever since.

“When I get dressed and the outfit comes together, I look in the mirror and think, "This is me. I'm representing myself,” he said.

37 %
of Pinners are more likely to buy men's clothing
58 %
look for ideas on how to wear specific items
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