An Ankara print aficionado

Nneka has a thing for Ankara fabric. Also known as African wax print, the colorful cotton fabric is popular all over West Africa, including in Nigeria, where Nneka’s father and husband are from.

Nneka loves the fabric for the cultural connection. When she wears it, she feels it reflects the boldness of her personality and her roots.

“It’s like bringing your whole self to something,” she said.

Nneka’s also a huge fan of Pinterest and one of her favorite things to do on the platform is search for Ankara fabric in modern, structured designs.

Nneka searching on Pinterest with her smartphone

A bold find

That’s exactly what Nneka was doing one afternoon while she was on the phone with her aunt. She was scrolling through her Pinterest feed at the same time, and checking out the latest Ankara fashions when she saw a shirt that she loved. It was a cinch waist top in a vivid yellow and turquoise print.

Nneka clicked on the Pin and it brought her to the Etsy page of the designer.

Entrepreneur and fashion lover, Illinois
“So I’ve used Pinterest in ways where it’s about like okay, this big event is coming up, let me try to find something that matches this vision that I have.”
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Going for it

After reading reviews from other happy customers, Nneka debated purchasing the top. It was a bit more than she liked to spend on just one item, but she really wanted it.

“It was one of those moments where I was like ‘retail therapy.’ This is gonna make me feel better,” she recalled.

Nneka ordered the top directly from the Toronto-based clothing designer and within a few days, it was at her door. She hasn’t worn it yet, but is planning to wear it to a family holiday dinner or to work on a day when she wants to really stand out.

“It’s going to be amazing,” she said.

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