Entrepreneur and living room designer

Mbali spent a few months researching her new couch on Pinterest. At first, she didn’t pay any attention to brands. Instead she focused on what would fit in her living room and on her color palette of nudes, beiges, greys, with pops of color. She finally narrowed the sofa color down to grey.


Mbali's apartment and her couch

Searching for the right fit

Then she began noticing the same grey couch began popping up on many of the Pinterest boards she follows. She loved the style, so Mbali said to herself, “Okay, let me find out who makes this couch, because I’m curious. And Article kept coming up, this Article couch.”

Entrepreneur and design lover, New York
“When I'm about to make a purchase, I definitely refer to my Pinterest boards on a regular basis.”
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Creating a home

When Mbali was finally ready to buy the couch, she reviewed her boards one last time, to make sure it was the right one.

“I don’t remember the other companies I looked at, but I definitely deliberated over it for awhile,” she recalled.

When she was ready, Mbali ordered the couch directly from the Article website. She also bought a coffee table from Article that she also found on Pinterest and a lamp that she loves.

“I really love my apartment and it’s coming together slowly but surely,” she said recently. “These are things that I’ve chosen very thoughtfully.”

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