A teacher upgrading her ride

Whenever Kris has a free moment, one of her favorite things to do is curl-up on her couch, phone in hand, and save ideas to Pinterest. Kris’ Pinterest profile reflects her roles as both a teacher and mother. Among her many boards is one for recipes, one for hair ideas, one for her garden, and one for classroom inspiration.

Her profile also reflects her passion for financial planning. Pinterest is where Kris plans her big purchases, which explains why she has boards about kitchen remodels and new cars.

“When I am going to buy something big or do a big project, one of the first places I go is Pinterest,” she explained.

Kris searching for her new car on Pinterest

Taking her boards for a spin

Kris and her family are currently in the market for a small SUV and Kris has been doing her research and saving various models to her “car shopping” board. This is the second time Kris has used Pinterest to shop for a new car.

Teacher and mom, Wisconsin
“I love using Pinterest for ideas and to spark creativity. I also use it to plan things, including how I will shop and how I will spend my money.”
80 %
of moms in the US are on Pinterest
66 %
of Pinners who view content from brands made a purchase as a result
Researching with confidence

A few years back, when Kris was in the market for a compact car, she settled on a Hyundai, but wasn’t sure which model. So she created a Pinterest board featuring the models that she liked and took it to the dealer. Having all of her research in one place helped her stay focused and save time at the dealership.

Kris is hoping for the same results this time around with the SUV.

“I think I'll feel a lot more confident going car shopping with the research done in advance, and with everything that I need to know on the Pinterest board,” she said. “I think it will just help me to feel more confident and focused, and like I'm really spending my time wisely.”

59 %
of all adults who are likely to buy a car in the next 6 months are on Pinterest
70 %
of all adult women who are likely to buy a car in the next 6 months are on Pinterest
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